How To Avoid Crowds and Packed Spaces While RVing

When Summer starts, there can be endless traffic jams and packed streets. Some tricks and tips are necessary to help you beat the stress while traveling in your RV! The only solution to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams is to move with a well researched itinerary.

Crowds While RVingSome tips to Avoid Crowds and Packed Spaces while RVing are:

  • Prepare a well-researched itinerary beforehand
  • Keep yourself updated on the traffic reports on your destined routes
  • Look out for national parks and free campgrounds, before starting your RV for departure

Always ensure that the route you choose is free and clear of any crowd to avoid being stuck in the traffic and lose a day! We suggest Google Maps, to help with knowing traffic situations.

Here is a clip on the tricks and tips to avoid crowded spaces while RVing, from veteran RVer, ‘The Willful Wanderer’

To watch more videos, click here.

Using apps that are frequently updated to show routes with lesser traffic can help passing through a crowded area, less struggling for an RVer. Always remember to choose the least crowded day of the week, whenever passing through a busy city.

How do you cope with traffic and crowded spaces? Tell us in the comments below. 😀


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