How to Cook Perfectly In A Dutch Oven

Cooking in a dutch oven is not an easy task. However, with practice and tips from veterans, you can ace your culinary skills while cooking in a dutch oven. So check out the below tips to begin cooking nutritious outdoor campfire meals in a dutch oven.

Wander Dano talks about the Perfect Dutch Oven for RVers

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Backwoods Home Magazine talks about How to Cook Perfectly In A Dutch Oven


  • Only buy Dutch ovens with legs. An ideal Dutch Oven should have three legs  and should be cleanly attached to the bottom of the oven, not cracked, bent, or chipped off.
  • Check the casting, or thickness, of the metal, especially around the rim. This variance in thickness will also make the oven much more likely to crack or warp.
  • Check the fit of the lid. It should lie flush with the lip of the oven all the way around, with no significant gaps.
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Here are two exclusive tips from My RV Kitchen on Perfecting your Cooking in Dutch Oven

  • Indoor vs. outdoor – The most popular method of dutch oven cooking is using fire coals or briquettes. Cast iron footed ovens with good fitting lids are best used for outdoors. Flat bottomed ovens are great for outdoor camping stoves or indoor RV stove tops.
  • Cast iron vs. aluminum – Cast iron pots are thicker and heavier than its counterpart, aluminum, which results in holding heat better. Aluminum weighs less and requires no ‘curing’ or ‘seasoning’ like cast iron resulting in less maintenance; however, heat is not distributed as evenly as the cast iron. Aluminum will sometimes give a chalky flavor to foods, whereas iron gives a smoked flavor. Most veteran dutch oven chefs prefer cast iron as their metal of choice.

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These are some of the best tips to cook perfectly in a dutch oven. The golden tip is to always keep your dutch oven and its surrounding fire-proof as well as clean. Additionally, cleaning your dutch oven after use will double its lifespan too.



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