How To Fit 7-9 Days Of Fresh Food In Your RV Kitchen

When you’re an RVing newbie, the thought of fitting a week’s food in the tiny RV refrigerator, can sound daunting. But, soon when you’re off dry camping in the Sonoran deserts, storing fresh food for longer will be a necessity for your RV Lifestyle.

So take a look at the following smart ways to store food for weeks in your RV.

Camp Colombo on Ways To Fit 7-9 Days Of Fresh Food In Your RV kitchen

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Dana Ticknor on Tips to Fit More Quantity of Fresh Food In Your RV Kitchen for More than a Week

  • Consider which items you regularly store in your fridge that you could keep in your freezer.
  • Repackage pre-packaged foods. Resealable bags are great for repackaging foodstuffs to eliminate extra packaging, oddly-shaped molded plastics. They are also great for storing left overs.
  • When purchasing plastic containers for your kitchen, strongly consider getting square and rectangular containers. These utilize space much more efficiently than the more common round containers.
  • Carrots and onions for cooking can be presliced so that all you have to do is open the bag and dump them in, which saves your limited water while boondocking.

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Do It Yourself RV On Ways To Preserve Food For Longer Days in your RV

  • Buy less packaging- Buy pantry items in bulk at the grocery store. Dry goods such as oats, cereal, flours and spices are easily found in bulk food sections and are a smart buy.
  • Condense your Containers- Take half-full containers of liquid beverages and pour them into smaller high-quality, reusable, non-toxic containers.

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Keeping food fresh is tough when dry camping. The most important thing to remember when trying to keep food fresh for a week or more is to use food grade zip lock bags for packaging.


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