How To Have A Perfect Spring Cleaning For Your RV

When you are an RVer, cleaning is a tedious act, if you don’t do it with religious dedication … 
Most RVers like Jeanette Espinosa say that Spring Cleaning is all about a brave new start to getting your dusty RV to rise and shine, again! 😀

2c31e-clean-rvA Dusty RV Is Not Artistic, but a threat to your own and the RV Health

Here’s a checklist for the perfect Spring Cleaning of your RV from the expert, Gary Wescott: 

  1. Check for Infestations/ Insects/ Critters
  2. Check for Damages to the exterior
  3. Check for Damages to the interior
  4. Ensure adequate battery performance
  5. Service Fuel Injection System
  6. Assure the functionality of the generator, fridge and all other extra appliances
  7. Clean the upholstery in your RV
  8. Wash your RV interior and Exterior
  9. Reinstall fuses
  10. Check electrical connections and its insulations
  11. Renew/ Update Insurance Coverage of your RV
  12. Flush your Water systems
  13. Separately clean glass, tyres, wheels, alloys and engine with care
  14. Give a Waxing Finish
  15. Finally, vacuum clean your RV and spread fresh fragrance in and around your RV.

Here, check out a video on Spring Cleaning your RV, from RV Geeks:

Sounds easy right? Tell us all about the challenges you faced cleaning your RV. Do you have any other RV cleaning tips? Share in the comments below.

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