How To Improve Your RV Storage Space?

One of the biggest woes of an RVer is the lack of storage space to store your necessary items. Improving your RV storage space requires organization and you will be left with a healthy and happy living space in your RV too!

RV Storage SpaceAccording to Curtis Carper,

“After liquidating our house and moving into a Bounder motorhome, the amount of storage space we had suddenly became a huge issue.  We used every square inch and lusted for more.  I even built a storage platform mounted off the rear of the motorhome where we carried a motorcycle, barbeque grill, step ladder, and other assorted outside items”.

Here are some tricks and tips to improve the RV Storage Space for your home on wheels:

  1. Use multi-functional items
  2. Use drawers in shelves with multiple slots and under your tables
  3. Use more cabinets and shelves to divide and utilize all the space in your cupboards
  4. Use tension rods in your RV to align flat equipment
  5.  Use foldable cloth hangers and expandable hangers
  6. Use your Under the bed space for items that are rarely used every day

Here is a video to help you technically on DIY ideas to improve the storage space of your RV

Click here to watch more videos from the user.

The secret to increasing your RV Storage Space is to fix a definite place for every item in your RV. Good organization also makes your RV feel more spacious.

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