How To Make a Portable RV Garden From Scratch

The best advantage of RVing is that you always have your Kitchen on Wheels! But what if we tell you that, you can have your special Garden on Wheels too?

Make a Portable RV Garden with your favorite and the most exotic plants within hours now! 

RV GardenAccording to RV Life, RV Portable Garden is not just an amazing savings option, but also an opportunity to always have your favourite food, wherever the road leads you!

Tips on Starting a Portable RV Garden on Wheels:

  1. Start with a Herb Garden.
  2. Start with one or two herbs of your choice.
  3. Move onto vegetables like Tomato and other easy-to-grow indoor vegetables.
  4. Make sure to never cramp your space.
  5. Keep the plants away from your bedspace at night.
  6. Water your plants whenever your park it out.
  7. Make sure you don’t forget your plants.
  8. Ensure that your plants get enough sunlight.
  9. Get some fresh organic worm casting to give a special treat to your lovely plants!
  10. Research Research RESEARCH for the best tips, herbs, soil and Everything on Portable RV Garden! 

Portable RV Garden

Meet Jason Sulliman, who made an uber effective Greenhouse Box from Cargo Carrier, waste lumber and Solexx! Sounds unreal right? Well, Jason has recorded all stages of his work. These are Part-I: Designing the garden, Part-II: Installation of the Greenhouse to RV and Part-III: Progress of the Greenhouse Plants. Scroll down for Jason’s wonderful story. 😀

Here, check out Part-I, Jason’s foolproof design on how to make a greenhouse for your RV:

This is Part-II- Jason’s set up and installation of the Green House to his RV:

Aren’t you curious on what really happened to Jason’s Garden?

Here, check out Part-III- Jason’s blossoming Portable RV Garden:

Mind-blowing right? We thought so too. Tell us how you would like to improvise Jason’s plans, in the comments below!

If you want some more inspiration on the subject check out the duo Bill and Mia, and their amazing portable garden on their website OlderThanDirtAndSurviving here.  According to Bill, Gardening was just too hard to give up even though it was almost mandatory for RVing. Nevertheless, their new garden definitely looks stunning!  And, We LUV it too! Do you?

Portable RV Garden

If you’re a gardening Pro who is looking out for the best RV Garden solution, share with us your story. And Share this incredibly perfect plan of making a Portable RV Garden with all your friends who miss gardening while they are RVing away …

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