How to Pack a RV Wheel Bearing by Mike Thompson's RV Super Stores

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How to Pack a RV Wheel Bearing by Mike Thompson's RV Super Stores
Billy Gibson, master service tech from our Colton location, shows how Mike Thompson’s RV goes through the process of packing a RV Wheel Bearing. This in …

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  1. I always look at these axle's knowing that few, if any, put in anything more than a meets
    minimum rated axle. Evidentially there's a play on numbers when it comes to these limits
    when you've got the "Tongue" of the trailer involved? The dry weight makes it where if you
    pack up w/ water, batteries, & other provisions you'll be close or over the max. ? Can one
    install "bearing buddies" onto these axles? Just thinking out loud. peace

  2. Question on wheel bearings on Trailers vrs cars or trucks.. Why do they put a bearing on a trailer that you have to repack on a regular basics compared to a sealed bearing like you have on a car or truck?
    Wife asked me this wife she was watching me do our Travel Trailer.
    I told her I assumed on a boat trailer it's because it goes under water when putting a boat in. But for a travel Trailer or a 5th wheel or a Cargo why don't they put a sealed bearing on them.

  3. Good video, but instead of focusing on the man you should focus and do a close ups on work being done. Music has a bit too much tempo, but that's not as important as close ups. 🙂

  4. I notice a couple of things in your video, one you never cleaned the bearings, you used a impact tool without a impact, most of the axles on trailers today are dexter axles and they give a torque setting for the nuts. Just saying you put your safety glasses on like your going to do a professional job and you did novice job. Being that your a business should have measured the drum to see if it's out of spec.

  5. Good video.
    The only question I have is this: What are the inspection criteria for the wheel bearing itself? How much discoloration is ok on the inner race, etc?
    Also, what type of grease is recommended, i.e., NGLI 1 OR 2; lithium based or PTFE?
    Thanks again for the video.

  6. Had me in stitches bitching on about health and safety with the 1970's funky music in the background.
    The whole point of PPE is protection including your clothing, Which dumbass truly works in a workshop calls, Himself a certified master tech then proceeds to violate H&S by wearing shorts

  7. Great video up until the part where you cleaned the brake shoes and surrounding area. Spraying brake cleaner near or on grease could contaminate the shoes by dripping on it. You do not want any type of grease on brake shoes. The way you did it was out of order and the excess grease should have been wiped off first and then spray the shoes and surrounding area of brake dust.

  8. 2 questions, 1 how can I figure out what bearing seals I need before I take the hubs off.
    2, I have bearing buddy hubs on my Keystone, how effective are they. My camper might have 5000 miles on it and I greased it a few times already. Does the grease actually get to the rear bearings? Should I need to repack them yet. It's about 6 years old.

  9. A great video that builds long-term customer relationships, and allows others to become aware of the type of relationship building that goes on in your shop, kudos to Mike Thompson's business style.  I just wanted to see the tightening instructions for my auto, now I might come in for a trailer (-:. Another comment below said you didn't clean out the old grease, it should be noted that a pressure packer pushes out the old grease at the same time the new grease is going in.  The only tool you did not speak of was the pressure packer, which looked like a Lisle Part 65250, which I just looked up, it's under $9 online.  It should also be noted that the pressure packer you used also fits a hand held grease gun, you don't need a shop-type grease barrel.  Tha pump-type grease guns are very inexpensive, $18 for a good Lincoln brand, just looked it up.  Thanks.


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