How to Spot Seal Your RV Roof

RV roofs sometimes get damaged due to stagnant water and subsequent leaks. These are caused by the cracks in the roof of your RV. With spot sealing, you can use a lap sealant to easily fill up the crack in no time!

Pete’s RV on How To Spot Seal your RV Roof

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Mark Polk on using Lap Sealants to Spot Seal the RV

  • If the old sealant is cracked, but not loose or separating from the surface it is not necessary to remove the old sealant. Clean the area using denatured alcohol and add new sealant over the area that is cracked.
  • Lap sealants to reseal and maintain RV roofs. It works on galvanized metal, aluminum and fiberglass roofs.
  • When the loose cracked or dried out sealant is removed from the suspect area clean it with denatured alcohol on a rag and use the correct lap sealant or other compatible sealant with a caulking gun to reseal the area.

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Love Your RV on Tips for Spot Sealing your RV Roof with ease

  • Prepping the surface before is the most important step. You want to get the surface as clean as possible.
  • There is a big caution when using mineral spirits on a rubber roof. Use as little as possible, soak it on a rag, scrub off the dirt, then wipe off the residue with a clean rag.
  • Mineral spirits is petroleum based and can damage a rubber roof, but man does it ever clean up the dirty lap sealant super well with hardly any effort.

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Make sure to use nothing but the lap sealant to spot seal your RV roof.

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