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  1. I wish i could like this video a million times. Great great great advice. I'm 24 and prepping to transition within the next year, I've been waiting for a video revolved around this, as i strive to stay in the best possible shape while living in my TT.
    Would be a great idea for a new channel/episode idea! I would LOVE to follow that too!!
    Thank you for always having such informative videos! ?

  2. I have a BS in Exercise Science, been in the fitness industry for 14 years, and was a college and professional athlete. I only mention these things to approve this vid! Nice work guys! If anyone takes anything from this it should be Trish's comment at 9:24

  3. Great tips and ideas! No reason why we should really go full off our lifestyle while on vacation. When we went to Europe, I went off Keto but remained on intermittent fasting. I also walked a TON! I only gained a few pounds bc I didn't fully divert from the plan 🙂

  4. I am currently trying to "out train my diet" (thanks for the verbiage). I am getting stronger but not at all healthier. Good content. I am on the verge of a flip-flop; Less training better dieting. Thanks.

  5. Love seeing Marc struggle on camera! 🙂 Keep the inspiration coming! Staying fit on the road takes commitment, you have to make it a priority. Also, skip breakfast. We just do Bulletproof coffee each morning and that lasts us till 1 in the afternoon.

  6. Thank you for inspiring All levels and not “shoulding” on us. ? Lol! So many great nuggets in this Between the Seasons video. And just when you thought Trish couldn’t be any more amazing…Wow! Hot Mama! Still a knockout. Just changed your outfit and level of tan. ? Thank you for sharing!

  7. I gotta giggle a little because I know the workouts you're doing and I also do them, but its crazy to see them time-lapsed. 🙂 🙂 The TRX on the back of the camper is certainly cool and so is the system you attached to the hitch. Kettle bells gotta be adding a little bit of weight to the load too but look pretty useful on location.

  8. I really want that pull up bar for my rig!!! Where do I get it and what is it called? I tried searching for it and I can’t find it. We are hitting the road in four weeks and could really use this!


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