How to Survive a Canadian Winter in an RV

How to Survive a Canadian Winter in an RV
After a year on the road in our van, we came back home and decided to spend the winter in an RV. Let’s say it was an interesting experience! ↣ Follow us here …

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  1. Good going. L lived in an RV for 5 years in Montana and North Dakota back in the 80’s. I didn’t think it was anything special ,even the -20 below temps

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  3. We where going to buy land in Ontario canada and do this, but We where told it is illegal. Every municipality has different laws and you must research the law. The laws may be a little more flexible North of the #7 but way north.

  4. Du contenu de qualité, vivre dans une caravane, et dans l'hivers canadien en plus, c'est tout à fait le genre de trucs qui fait rêver (l'aventure !) sans qu'on le fasse jamais. Mais vous vous l'avez fait, et çà c'est cool. Merci de nous permettre de vivre ça par proxy 🙂

  5. Really loved your cute video… where did you get the wood stove. I would love to get his for the animal shed which is insulated. AC is a fortune on the prairies.

  6. She'd be somewhat attractive if not for those ugly tattoos. i wish tattoos hadn't become trendy, because there is nothing sexy about a woman that looks like a member of Motley Crue.

  7. Aha so it is possible…! Everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting to do this in New York State!! Very nice you guys, thanks for the video and the ideas.

    I like the tiny stove, but how much did you have to feed it in the night?

  8. I hated seeing the straight shot of heat exhaust going out the roof. I keep thinking of building a rocket stove mass heater for my house. Check out some of the designs on the web!

  9. I used to have a jerk off caravan when I was a teen. An old used rv with an old mattress only. I'd go in there and wank and no one would other me. Then in the summer came and I could go in.
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