Increase Your Focus While Operating the RV

The majority of your time spent on an RV vacation should be relaxing and fun. After all, what is the point of owning an RV if you aren’t going to have fun with it? While fun should always be the main objective, there is a time to be serious and focused while on a trip – and that time is while you are driving the RV. Of course, you should be focused on the road when driving any type of vehicle, but the size and weight of RV’s makes it especially important. You need to get safely to and from your destination, so pay close attention while behind the wheel.


You Need to Focus on the Road at All Times While Driving an RV
You Need to Focus on the Road at All Times While Driving an RV

Put Down the Phone

The first, and most obvious thing you need to do when driving an RV is to put down your cell phone and pay attention to the road in front of you. Glancing down at your phone, even if only for a brief moment or two, could provide all the distraction necessary to cause a serious problem. You can’t correct the path of a large RV quickly, so drifting slightly off course may lead to bigger issues than you expect. When driving any kind of car, truck, RV, or anything else, put down your phone until you reach your destination. If you need to check your messages or need to consult the GPS system on the phone, either ask someone else in the vehicle to look at it for you, or simply pull off the road safely.

Stay Fresh

Driving for too long is an easy way to lose focus on what you are doing. Try to take breaks at least every couple of hours to give your eyes a rest from having to actively scan the road. If there is another person on the trip who is licensed and comfortable driving the RV, you could trade back and forth throughout the day. If not, take advantage of rest areas along the freeway to get out, stretch your legs, and take a break before continuing on. Even short breaks of five or ten minutes will go a long way toward keeping you focused.

Stay Fed and Hydrated

Some people attempt to avoid drinking much of anything while on the road so that they don’t have to stop to use the restroom. This is a bad idea. You need to stay hydrated while driving to help your body feel its best while trying to operate this large vehicle. By drinking gradually from a bottle of water throughout the day, you can help your mind and body stay fresh and feeling good. Also, make sure to eat at regular intervals so that you don’t experience a sudden loss of energy. Since you should be stopping at least every couple of hours anyway to stretch and take a break, you will have plenty of chances to use the restroom if necessary.

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