Interview with Joni who Happily lives in a Sprinter/Freightliner Named Galavan

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Interview with Joni who Happily lives in a Sprinter/Freightliner Named Galavan
Today we meet my friend Joni, who is a full-time #VanLifer in her beautiful Sprinter van. She has a fascinating story that I believe will inspire you to also follow …

Check out more from this creator at the link below:


  1. I've been a sub of Joni's since the beginning. She leverages van life at the highest quality for everyones' benefit. My own build is in progress, and I can't wait to cross paths.

  2. UPS Stores are good place to get mail. If you open a hox in your home area they will forward your mail whereever you ask. They also take and will worward packages. To anothere US STORE which are every where.

  3. Every time I've talked myself out of pursuing this lifestyle (but continue to keep up with the community through YouTube, etc.) and have resolved to live contentedly enough in my sticks and β€” well, more sticks β€” Bob comes along with another one of these "C'mon, now! Live your best life!" videos, and my dreams come back alive!!

  4. In brick and stick a lot of time is wasted in walking, moving around, to find things and cleaning. It's all waste of time. In vanlife we contact with nature that's why we are able get connected with humans deeply.

  5. I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that… But I'm gonna tell you, I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that!! Bob your so cuteeeee!!!!! One of these days I'm gonna meet you!!! But for right now I'm gonna pretend I met you…..

  6. I enjoyed this video very much. It was nice to hear how wonderful the community is and I hope some day a video will be made of one of the groups having fun together and see what they get up to!


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