Is It Possible to Take Your RV to Alaska?

Alaska is one of the most beautiful states in the entire country, yet due to its geographic location, most Americans never get the chance to see this incredible place in person. If you are an RV owner with a love of adventure, you may want to consider pointing your rig north and heading out for the trip of a lifetime. While an RV expedition to Alaska is no quick trip, you could be rewarded with some of the greatest experiences of your life.

Alaska is Full of Stunning Scenery and Amazing Wildlife
Alaska is Full of Stunning Scenery and Amazing Wildlife

Can it be done?

The simple answer to the title question is yes, you can certainly take your RV to Alaska. Of course, that answer makes the task sound a little bit easier than it is. Depending on where you are leaving from, the journey simply to get to Alaska may be longer than most entire trips that you are used to taking. For example, if driving from Seattle (which is about as close as you can get in the lower 48), the journey all the way to Anchorage measures more than 2,200 miles. That means 43 hours or so of driving time for a regular vehicle, and likely even more in your RV. Any way you look at it, the trip to Alaska in your RV is going to be a long one.

Summer is the Only Option

It should go without saying that summer is your only real option if you want to take an RV road trip to Alaska. The winter weather regularly closes roads and would be unsafe for extended periods of RV travel. As you are thinking of planning this great adventure, keep your eyes on a window of time between June and September as your best bet for finding favorable weather conditions. With that said, the weather in Alaska is famously unpredictable, so you can’t bank on clear skies and warm temperatures even in the summer. Be prepared for anything when you take on a trip of this length.

Passing through Canada

If you head north out of Seattle on I-5 with Alaska in your sights, you will actually be doing most of your driving in Canada. You will drive the entire length of British Columbia and on in to the Yukon Territory before you eventually reach the border with Alaska. Speaking of borders, be sure you have you paperwork in place prior to taking off for your vacation. You may need a passport to get in and out of Canada on your way, so check regulations well in advance so you have time to assemble the right documentation for yourself and your traveling party.

Allow for Plenty of Time to Stay

You don’t want to take the time and effort to drive all the way to Alaska to simply turn back around and head home. If you are going to go through the trouble of driving thousands of miles, you should at least have plenty of time to explore the incredible state of Alaska once you arrive. Plan as much time as possible for your stay so you don’t feel rushed as you enjoy a variety of sights and activities. There are plenty of RV parks and campgrounds to visit in Alaska, but be sure to book ahead as much as possible so you aren’t struggling to find a spot when you arrive. A road trip in an RV all the way to Alaska isn’t for everyone, but the hearty souls who take on this adventure will be talking about it for a lifetime.

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