Jobs for Nomads, Full Time RVers and VanDwellers

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Jobs for Nomads, Full Time RVers and VanDwellers
Jobs for Nomads, full time RVers and VanDwellers. There are a bunch of ways you can earn a living while you live and travel full time in your RV, van or camper.

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Carolyn’s RV Life

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  1. Thanks for the GREAT information. I'm about to live my dream in an RV very soon & need all the help & information I can get. Thanks again 🙂 ~Peace

  2. Thank you Carolyn for this video I do blog but know little about adsense and marketing but this has given me food for thought it might also be worth checking out something called steemit, something I have recently discovered which might help earn some extra money.

  3. You're amazing, Carolyn! I am way late watching this but, still, am so impressed by your knowledge, advice and willingness to share both. Thank you. The backdrop is also pretty impressive….wow!

  4. helpful information, thank you! now comes up as; I think upwork may have bought them. I've bid for a bunch of stuff on (I do I.T. database programming and other stuff) with no luck so far, even with really low bids… but that is OK, just a FYI… (not a full-time rv'er just a freelancer)

  5. I understand that sometimes people feel like they’ve been transitioning! That is me for the last several years! After loosing my job several years ago I started volunteering for non profits organizations! My life has changed both financially and spiritually! Thank you for the videos! I just bought my first TT

  6. Hi Carolyn~I just came across your YouTube page and realized that I have seen you on some of Bob Wells' videos. I have been watching Bob for a while now. My grown daughter and I have a five-year plan (as soon as her youngest graduates from high school) to start living the van life together. We are each going to build out a van then travel the country together. She is tired of the rat race and I have a dream of visiting all the national parks and monuments before I die. I am learning a lot from you, as I have from Bob. My daughter and I share videos back and forth on YouTube and I just shared this one with her because she is not yet 40 and will still need to earn a living on the road. She is going to be putting her photography and journalistic skills to work in a blog to earn as we go. I'm on Social Security disability and earn extra money as a crafter & jewelry maker. I plan on trying to contine this on the road mainly because being a maker is part of my therapy, plus I would still like to supplement my income. Thank you for this video it was interesting and helpful. Maybe someday we'll run into you & Capone on the road. When we do I'll make sure to say "Hi". ☺

  7. I find it harder to get paid from youtube then Amazon Affiliate. I long past 10,000 views (which is stupid) and youtube said they were processing monitization 2 months ago and it would take about a week and have yet to get monitized but Amazon approved me in like 2 days and youtube is my only site. My youtube channel that is. I applied well before I hit 10,000 views (and should had done it long before when I did my first gear video as I would have gotten way more money). I haven't gotten paid yet but they seem to pay every 3 months. But I am earning on there. And they go right into paypal and Im not sure but I dont think there is the limit like youtube has where youtube says you must make $100 a month to get paid anything (another stupid thing – ANYTHING would help). I am not an RVer but I am chasing ways to make ANY extra money as I am training a service dog which is EXPENSIVE I have 4 grand into it and looking at buying a puppy in a year as my next service dog prospect to take Chopper's place in about 3 yrs as he will be 8 yrs old and about the age to retire from service work. And that puppy will likely cost me $2500 unless I adopt but it takes a very special dog to make a service dog. Especially for mobility work. I am actually looking at maybe a Rottie. I need more muscle and weight then a Golden Retriver would have and be. Anyway, yeah, apply for Amazon Affliate even if your only site is your youtube channel!

  8. Be careful to the people who want to boondock for longer periods. Rig selection is the most important decision here. If you're in an older (2004 in my case) class B with a contoured roof, you may not be able to get enough solar in and on the rig to run everything on the rig plus a laptop and electronics all day in order to work. Why? You can't get a fabricator to get a rack up there at anywhere near a fair price or in any reasonable time frame. Why? If you want many panels the weight can make a fiberglass roof structurally unsafe, it's a pain to do the job, and if you are female, forget it. Also check your storage, assess your needs, do you have room for a 4-battery battery bank? No you don't, not even on newest styles. Don't try it if you have not purchased your rig, and I'm talking class b. Carolyn is fine in a class c and some vandwellers do fine too with better roof and more options to place their batteries, also truck and trailer is fine. Just don't get a class b if you plan to boondock much at all. The tank sizes will also crush your lifestyle; they are much too small. Let my mistakes inform you. If you are so conservative that you only need one battery, can lift a portable kit on a regular basis, can run a fridge and furnace on a 4-gal propane tank for a week in winter, bless you and I hope there is enough water after your two showers if it's above freezing out to do a few dishes. If not, use paper towels and vinegar. For me it's sell the rig time. Two tears in a bucket, mother f*k it….

    Carolyn, this situation crushed my finances and my dreams. I've unsubscribed from all channels. You were always my favorite. Best to you and Capone.

  9. A good free campsite is in California on the Carrizo Plain National Monument, especially in the spring when the entire desert seems to explode with wildflowers. Locals call this phenomenon a "Super Bloom". Just be sure to restock all your supplies about an hour away in any direction because there are no stores or gas stations in the Carrizo Plain. There is also no cell phone reception.

  10. Thank you Carolyn, for your stories, ideas and suggestions for going full-time RVing. This is my plan when retiring in 10ish years and have learned so very much from your videos. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Stay well, stay safe and Have Fun!!!


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