Is Your RV Water Heater Making Noise?

It is normal to hear a medium volume of hissing or gurgling sounds from your RV Water Heater when connected to the electrical hookup. If the loudness of the water heater increases, it is a sign that it is time to inspect your RV Water Heater. As Lime or Scale built up on the heating elements can stress or increase the loudness, the following steps to silence your RV heater will help you significantly!

Ray from Love Your RV Explains why the RV Water Heater Sings and ways to Silence it

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How to silence your RV Water heater from t-sandpiper300rg


  • Turn Off Water Heater and Remove Water Pressure. To do this, Turn off Pump or Shut off City Water.
  • Open Hot and Cold Water faucets Closet to Water Heater.
  • Open Pressure Relief Valve on Water Heater and Leave Open Until Water Quits Coming Out.
  • Close Relief Valve and the Water Faucets.
  • Turn on Water and Bleed Air.
  • Turn on Water Heater.

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Ray’s Tips to Quite your Loud RV Water Heater


A buildup of mineral deposits can coat the heater element and cause the singing or sizzling type of noise to occur.  In no time, I had the water heater opened up, emptied and both the anode rod and heater element out for inspection.


Give the anode and element a cleaning with a wire brush, wiped them down and reassembled. If the volume of singing is still intact, take it apart and replace the HW element with a new one.


Yet another way is to soak it in vinegar or use “Snowbowl” or “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner. You can also pump the hot water tank with vinegar and flush it a day after.

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If your HW element burns out, the water heater will make loud noises. Make sure to carry a spare in your RV Must-Have Gears to silence the Water Heater faster.

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