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Finally, Season 6 is here! It seems like each season is long awaited. New Zealand has been recommended to us almost as much as Alaska. We haven’t talked to a single person who has visited that didn’t love it. We’re always looking for places to visit that continue to push us outside our comfort zone forcing us to learn new things. The idea of international RVing appeals to us and New Zealand seemed like the perfect place to start.

During this season we’ll be traveling the North Island with Tori as we travel between Air BnB’s with a rental car. Then we get into our RV with Peak 4 RV with and travel the South Island for 4 weeks covering all the hot spots.

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  • The number of people commenting about RVing here in NZ, Australia and around the world is amazing! Thanks for your support in trying something new. SN7 starts in the spring as we travel through the mid-west and parts of the east coast again, but we're enjoying bringing you warm videos this winter and learning how to travel in a Class C 👍

  • Hello Marc, Tricia and Family.
    We are going to pay close attention to your NZ trip adventure videos, perhaps watching them at least twice or more. Why you ask, well it's our plan to move down to NZ when I retire after our youngest Son graduates from college (one more year), in addition of the pure entertainment value. Well yes we have done plenty of research about NZ but another point of view from you all is very valuable. Have a fun trip, relax with the family and please by all means be on your driving game on the left side…..LOL.
    Good day
    Steven & Estella

  • After watching the RV Geeks in England in their rented RV, this is definitely the way to see a different country. Enjoy your NZ trip. Looking forward to your videos, as it's a great teaching tool and you have fun adventures. Cool Season 6 😀

  • What fun! As a Tolkien fan, I'm very jealous, and I look forward to your trip reports. Yes, I know all about the glaciers on South Island (see Tolkien fan). And congratulations on being some of the first people to celebrate the New Year. May this one be awesome for you.

  • Hey KYD, keep an eye on your fuel level, everything is closer than the big trips you're used to I'm sure, but sometimes the smaller local fuel stations are shut, and the winding roads use more fuel than you'll expect. We saw none open between Franz Joseph and Haast.. rolled downhill like a hypermiler for most of that nearly 150km. Hope your time is awesome. Look up "Bach" (homestay) websites if you want a more concrete stay at any point, a special industry in NZ with some amazing stays and lovely hosts from a time before Airbnb. Found you recently and using your early vids as extra inspiration towards some goals we're already chasing as a family. Get the boys to look up "beached az" on YouTube for a back seat laugh.

  • Great to see you in NZ. I'm looking forward to your RV trip there, in a German made Carado T 448 – one of the small low cost motorhomes, but in general appreciated for its good quality. Carado is part of the German HYMER group. Greetings from Germany.

  • Fun Kiwi fact… you mentioned NZ currency being similar to Canadian currency, there's a good reason! NZ currency is printed in Ottawa!
    and always remember, driver should always be at the centerline of the road (works everywhere, unless you're in a mail truck!)

  • Kia Ora KYD, i have been following your adventures over the past several seasons and love them. I live in Auckland and most of the countries that drive on the left are part of the commonwealth or are past British colonies…. I know exactly what you mean about driving on the wrong side of the road. (Constantly reminding myself to stay right when driving in the US.) Anyway I hope you guys have an awesome time while you are here. If you need any help from a local I am happy to help if i can. Cheers Vaughan

  • Wow, welcome to New Zealand, from two New Englanders who love spending their winters in the Southern Hemisphere! After 5 visits to NZ, we decided to spend our 3 months in the Nelson Tasman area. If you want any suggestions for hikes, adventures let us know! You will love NZ!

  • Awe man you’re just gonna miss my mum. She’s flying to Christchurch on the 16th of Feb and going down to Queenstown area to see her friend. Arrowtown is close to Queenstown and is an old mining town.

  • We did just about exactly your trip in 2000. We did the North Island in a camper van, did the South Island with a car and mainly caravan parks. The caravan parks are unique and great way to meet the locals. Should try and do Ninety Mile Beach and the absolute north end of the north island. Unfortunately Christchurch has been hit by two devastating earth quakes – will be quite different to our trip. From your first video – driving is an experience – does get easier and I found the round-a-bouts really great. We left the country on a high and if there were not so many other places to travel – would definitely return. I am sure you will enjoy the time. Our season is starting with a trip from BC Canada to Salton Sea area in February.

  • Oh wow! Your where my niece and her husband and daughter are living. (Auckland) She was here when she was visiting her parents in Paradise, California on the day of the fire. Her parents (My brother got out alright, but lost totally everything) be careful driving on the opposite side! Be safe!! This will be exciting to watch your video’s! My Niece married a Native there. Real like Native New Zealander. Like Native American’s here? I am looking forward to seeing what my niece talks about now! Thank you guys! Hope you have some one shoveling your roof at the cabin when the snow gets too deep!

  • I drove a stick shift in Australia at dusk when all the critters were coming out, scared me to death. It was really weird shifting with my right hand. I only drove once. Each time I was getting into the car my friend would say are you driving and I laughed each time. I was in Tasmania for a month it never got old.

  • I thought you would be doing something International, and after Alaska, I figured it would be someplace warm, I narrowed it down to Australia or New Zealand. Our family took a 3 week trip to NZ in 2006, it is an amazing place. I am looking forward to seeing it again.

  • Wow!!! Totally unexpected! We are Kiwis currently living in Canada so we went through the same pain with driving on the other side of the road. No matter what country, easiest way to remember which side of the road to drive on is that the driver is always closest to the center line.

  • Awesome…thanks for the vid. My "season two" is heading from Vancouver to Idaho with the kiddo on a 2k km round trip adventure. Im getting excited and watching your videos is keeping me on track….