Leavenworth, WA is a Fun Destination

Unless you live in the state of Washington – or maybe somewhere around the northwest – you probably haven’t heard of Leavenworth. After all, the town of Leavenworth, WA has a population of just less than 2,000 people, and it is located on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. You can drive through Leavenworth in just a minute or two, and you certainly aren’t going to see any high rise buildings or bustling offices.

Leavenworth, WA is a Great Place to Visit
Leavenworth, WA is a Great Place to Visit

So what it is that makes Leavenworth so interesting? Well, to start with, the town is themed as a Bavarian Village, with nearly every building in town reflecting this concept in some fashion. The idea started as a marketing ploy to help the economy in Leavenworth, and it certainly succeeded. Today, Leavenworth is bustling nearly all year long, with visitors frequently coming over Stevens Pass from Seattle to enjoy the experience.

Plenty to Do

If you take a trip to Leavenworth, you will find plenty of fun during your stay. To start with, there are numerous shops along the main street in town where tourists can purchase gifts and other specialty items. Christmas is big in Leavenworth, and Christmas-related items can be found for purchase twelve months out of the year. Also, there are plenty of great restaurants in town, many of which play off of the Bavarian theme. One of the great things about coming to Leavenworth is the compact nature of the town – once you park your RV, you should be able to walk your way around town throughout your stay (depending on where you camp).

Stunning Scenery

The theme of the town is what has kept many people coming back year after year, but you might decide that the real star of the show is the scenery. You can enjoy incredible mountain views from right in town, but a quick drive outside of town will reveal even more impressive vistas. You can see plenty right from the roads around town, but there are also many hiking trails in the area if you would like to explore further. The Pacific Northwest frequently offers amazing scenery, and Leavenworth is a perfect example of that point.

Check the Weather

While staying in or around Leavenworth for a few days can make for a great trip, you will want to check the weather forecast before you come – especially if you are thinking of traveling during the winter season. Due to its mountainous location, Leavenworth is typically accessed by crossing a mountain pass. Whether using Stevens Pass from the west or Blewett Pass from the south, you will want to assess road conditions before loading up the RV.

To locals, Leavenworth is no secret. It is a popular destination for those who live in the Puget Sound area, but not nearly as well known for those from outside of Washington. If you are looking for a unique RV destination to break up your routine of going to the same few places over and over, Leavenworth is deserving of a closer look.

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