Leveling your RV Made Easy


Leveling your RV does not only add comfort and balance inside your trailer, but will also help your RV’s refrigerator to last longer. You may find this leveling task challenging at first, yet with more practice, you will soon get the hang of it and will just be a piece of cake.

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Here are some ways to level your RV easily:
  1. Finagle the camper into position on the site where you want it to be.
  2. Grab the 2′ level and place it on the floor inside of the door for a side to side measurement.
  3. Figure out how many blocks you need to stack together and lay them out beside the tires.
  4. Pull the truck and camper forward or backwards, depending on clearance.
  5. Slide the stack of blocks to where the tires were
  6. Then pull the truck and camper onto the blocks
  7. Go to #2 and repeat until “level” has been achieved
  8. Unhitch from the truckand pull the truck out of the way.
  9. Move the level so that it’s measuring the front-to-back balance.
  10. Using the tongue jack or front landing gear, raise or lower the camper until the level reads level.
  11. Finally, lower the rear stabilizers and get them “snug”

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Having your RV properly leveled and stable on your campsite allows you to move around your motorhome conveniently, and get that relaxing feel you wanted. Happy camping!


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