Living in a Car on $800 a Month

Living in a Car on $800 a Month
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  1. Right on girl. There sure r alot of we seniors living in vehicles. The most ive seen in my 65 yrs. The depression was marked with mostlh teenagers hittin the road. Something different is goin on this time and i think oldsters are the onez best equipt to survive except for our health issues. However a great many others will be joining us very soon. Rich/San Jose

  2. Yeah… and they say we live in the greatest nation on Earth. B.S.! How can any civilized country allow a 65 year old woman to live like this? Oh, I see! We are NOT a civilized country!

  3. Wow, more than I can comprehend really, to be honest. What an amazing woman Dee is, in so many ways. Among the thousand questions I have, one is why a 2005 sedan? Even a station wagon would've been easier surely? Knowing living in a car was inevitable, I'd have sold the sedan whilst it was still worth something & bought a 1980's 90's wagon or a camper or an older van in good nick. And what is the attraction to the area she is set up?  The stinking Government & authorities have so much to answer for, when I see that this lady's life & many others like her, have fallen through the cracks in the system, at a time in life when she needs an easier life, she has no options, humanity is doomed really, the system is screwed & won't last much longer. I too will end up like Dee but I have assets to sell & fund myself with a good van. I'm not afraid either, it's just a matter of breaking the mind set & going head on in to a new life. Well done to her & I hope she has some good fortune.

  4. I've been there living in the car. But I really don't like having too much stuff with me. Basic needs, blankets, some clothing, and can food and drinks. Now going on 67. I really need to get away again. Still able but some disabilities attached. I'm helping paying bills and when that's done, no $ left over. I always have to wait until the next month again, but I know I won't have nothing left.

  5. I wish I had the money to buy this Lady a bigger vehicle! I (63yo) lived with my dog, ….and Parkinson's Disease ……for 9 months in a van, Transit Connect, homeless because of divorce b.o. domestic abuse. Am reading comments about the strength of this Lady; Sometimes you just don't have a choice. One can become VERY tired of always having to be a strong one! I sincerely hope, since this video is from 2 years ago, that she has found a good man to share her life with in a nice home and is in good health. For this, I pray.

  6. $800 a month in my neck of the woods is a two-bedroom rental 800 to 900 square feet apartment. You only pay for Power.
    A mortgage of $800/month gets you a decent bungalow 3 bedroom with backyard . To each his own and to each as one can do. 3cheers from Canada

  7. I 'm happy to learn of a woman who refuses to tolerate abuse from a husband and chooses to help herself to peace and happiness. If I were in your situation, I would do the same thing. I too crochet and love dogs. And living in the age of technology, there is always plenty of things to keep you busy. And I believe that your health will improve just from being outdoors living in the clean open air and sunshine. You are truly blessed!

  8. Enjoyed your video. But I find it very difficult and more expensive as for the gas situation. My tires blew. My bearings went out….then I was in debt with a check cashing store and my credit card maxed out. But I do belong to a Planet Fitness ( blackcard) you can go anywhere in the U.S.A. to shower . But my Drs are kerping me locked in one city. I will change all that teal soon. Enjoy your travels. Much love. Be safe and enjoy our beautiful BEAUTIFUL GAIA and please PLEASE help keep mother earth CLEAN! Namaste

  9. I love "Dolly" I'm still crying for my "Bella" that wicked people let go and took from me. God will give them their own karmic debt….so I let go of the pain of and KNOW WE WILL BE United AGAIN soon! Enjoy and never live in fear!

  10. I was curious if she was a Republican or a Democrat ? Cuz REPUBLICANS would say that she didnt work hard enough to save. So it would be her fault for the situation shes in


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