Make Your Dogs Feel Right at Home in the RV

Are you a dog owner? If so, you probably feel like most other dog owners do about their pets – that they are a member of the family. Although they get around on four legs instead of two, dogs are valued companions that should be treated with plenty of love and care. When you get ready to pack up for your next RV vacation, it just wouldn’t feel right to leave the dogs behind at a kennel or with some friends. As part of the family, they should be able to come right along with you for the adventure.

Traveling with Pets Can Be a Great Experience
Traveling with Pets Can Be a Great Experience

Traveling in an RV – as opposed to staying in a tent or even a hotel – generally makes it much easier to bring your dogs along. Obviously, you get to decide if your RV is ‘pet friendly’, so you can’t be told that they aren’t welcome like you might hear from a hotel. At the same time, your RV should provide a more comfortable environment than a tent for the dogs to get some rest at night.

To make your RV trip with the dogs as enjoyable as possible, consider the following tips.

Give Them a Space

Just like people, dogs enjoy having a specific space that they can call their own. Find a spot in the RV that you can dedicate to the dogs, and place a couple of their items from home in that place. Things like a soft dog beg or even just a blanket that they like to lay on can be enough to give them a familiar feeling. There will be plenty of new smells and distractions that could get the dogs wound up during your trip, so it will be helpful if they have a spot that feels like home.

Get Them Outside!

The whole point of traveling in an RV is to be able to enjoy the outside world, and that goes for the dogs just as much as it does for the people. Dogs that are spending all day inside the RV are unlikely to have very much – and they will probably be a handful at night. Make an effort to get outside with them during the day so they can have fun along with the rest of the family. You can take them on walks around the campground, or even just set up a space outside the RV for them to lay down and enjoy the fresh air.

Practice at Home

If your dogs don’t get a chance to go into the RV all year long – and then they are suddenly living in it for a week – it might not be a smooth vacation experience. While you are at home, take a moment to go into the RV with the dogs just to hang out and let them sniff around for a few minutes. Doing this periodically will help them become more familiar with the interior of the RV, so they will feel more comfortable when the time does come to go on a trip.

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