Mastering the Art of the Mid-Vacation Grocery Store Visit

A long RV vacation is something that most RV owners dream about all year until the time finally comes to pack up and head out. While there is a lot to like about being able to spend 10 days or more with family and friends in the RV, there are a couple of complications that come with taking a trip of that length. One of the basic problems that you might face is trying to pack enough food for that long of a stay. There is only so much room in the RV fridge, so you will need to pack carefully in order to maximize your space.

Do You Know How to Shop for Groceries Mid-Trip?
Do You Know How to Shop for Groceries Mid-Trip?

Realistically, even the best packing job in the world isn’t going to allow you to bring enough food for a long vacation. You will inevitably need to restock at the grocery store (assuming there is one in the area), so having a game plan for that restocking trip is crucial. The mid-vacation grocery stop can be a little trickier than you might think, so the tips below should help you make the most of this stop at the store.

Use What You Have

Before you head out to the store, take a look at what food you do have left in the RV. Could you use any of these ingredients to combine with what you will buy at the store? Using up as much of your food as possible is a good way to save money and space in the RV, so think carefully when you plan a menu. Leftover items that frequently can be used for future meals include hamburger or hot dog buns, chips, and even condiments.

Don’t Overdo It

You might have trouble transporting leftover food items all the way home at the end of a trip, so make sure you don’t buy more than you need for the last few days of your stay. Items that have to stay cold in order to remain good are at particular risk during a long drive home. Unless you like wasting money on food that you never eat, you will want to make a detailed shopping list and then stick to that list when you get to the store.

Ask for a Recommendation

All grocery stores are not created equal, and some of them will feature high prices that cause you to run up quite a bill when you just wish to buy a few items. To avoid wasting a big portion of your budget on food, ask around the campground where you are staying to find out where the best grocery option is nearby. Even if you have to drive a few extra minutes to reach a better store, that trade will likely be worth your time in the end. Expensive grocery stores are quite common in touristy areas, so looking for stores that are located in more residential areas should save you a significant amount of money.

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