Mountain Gold: Boondocking Colorado

Mountain Gold: Boondocking Colorado
After the heat of Wyoming, it was time to cool off a little in the mountains of Colorado. Fall is the perfect time to be in the Rockies and view the golden aspens in …

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  1. I had the same problem in Yellow Stone national park. Soooo many people!!!! Just couldn’t get away from there fast enough. I much prefer Custer in S.D. Love your videos!!!! Can’t wait to go boondocking with my family. Will enjoy following in your footsteps sometime soon. Thanks for the info.

  2. I live in Colorado I do not go into those parks ,on the news yesterday they said the same thing you said and people that live here were surprised that happened to them to.

  3. I had good luck the one time I stayed at Rocky Mountain NP. We stayed in the park, which helped. As I recall, Bear Lake is one of the most popular hikes in the Park, so we stayed away from that one. We did a number of other hikes, though, and had a pretty good time.

    It's one of the National Parks that I want to take my wife to visit. So I'll be taking her there in a year or so.

  4. Gorgeous video. Yes, I sometimes am frustrated when people in National Parks are really noisy, but I’ve come to be glad they are having fun. Mt. Rainier in Washington State is also gorgeous, and, if you get there by 7am you can usually park near the exquisite trails. Thanks for your videos I really enjoy them so much!!

  5. So glad you did have an attitude adjustment!! ?. Too many times we ruin experiences & adventures by what goes on inside our own heads! Glad to see your sunny, positive demeanor return by the end!! ?

  6. Any park with a full parking lot is not a place I want to be. Glad you went back the next day, looks like a pretty amazing place without all the people.

  7. Grateful. From a crowded, polluted, noisy China. Your videos is the closest I get to the beauty and sounds of nature. Also, just listening to you contentedly rambling and potting around is a joy. Thank you.

  8. yeah in colorado you have to do everything during the week or else it gets packed full of people – dont even try to go hiking on the weekend because its like disney world crowds – im moving soon because its so crowded here

  9. Way too many people there for my taste. When I go to Colorado I camp out in BLM land. Much more solitude. Although one park in Colorado which I did enjoy, that didn't have crowds, was Dinosaur National Monument.

  10. Colorado sucks. Idaho, Montana, and NW Wyoming got it beat. Try the Lewis & Clark scenic ridge road, and the Tobaggen Ridge road, north of the Lochsa Hwy 12 in central Idaho. Nobody there, no fee's, wild country.

  11. Ooops i thought the same thing. is that my bad side? I can't help it i see people throw plastic in nature and other harmfull stuf like they don't care.
    So i kinda dislike people but i need to filter my own judgement and give everybody a change.
    Hope my view on people wil change a bit in general.
    Thanks & greetings,, Kitty.

  12. My wife and I were there in September as well. We've visited RMNP many times and have always been able to get away from the people when needed. BTW – We're enjoying our Senior Pass for the National Parks now. Save tons of money. Actually, we're just getting back the thousands of $$ we've spent over the last 40+ years with the family to dozens of parks! Great job on your videos – we enjoy them a lot. Thanks!

  13. Just wanted to thank you for sharing this video. Absolutely loved the scenery. Beautiful & peaceful. There's nothing better than walking in the woods, to hear and see nature minus unwanted noise pollution.?

  14. Nectar for the soul… yes Slim, so true as I write this from my hotel room in central London… I’m missing my nature and mountains of British Columbia more than ever, but cities aren’t forever…

    Bryan from Vancouver

  15. Seems to me that the farther you get away from parking lots, the more respectful people are . People who hike a few miles in generate less rubbish, pack it out, and don't drown the rustle of the leaves with noise. Mostly.


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