Mt. Rushmore is a Destination to Please the Whole Family

One of the great pleasures that comes with owning an RV is to visit destinations that are a little bit off of the beaten path. Mount Rushmore certainly fits that description. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a famous location found near Keystone, South Dakota, yet many Americans never make the trip to see this incredible sight in person. Opened all the way back in 1941, Mount Rushmore is a point of interest that should be on every Americans to-do list.

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If there is one reason stands above the rest for people skipping a trip to Mount Rushmore, it is that they think seeing it in photographs is good enough. After all, everyone has seen a ton of pictures of this monument, and it has even been featured in many movies. Once you have seen it, is it really necessary to go out of your way to visit in person? Won’t it be disappointing after a long trip to see a single monument that you have seen many times before?

No – it won’t be disappointing in the least. As anyone who has visited the monument will tell you, the scale of the sculpture in person is something that just cannot be captured on film. When you arrive at the park and stand below the impressive sight, you will certainly be glad that you made the trip.

The Beautiful Black Hills

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located inside the Black Hills National Forest. While the Black Hills might lack the dramatic scenery common to our National Parks, they do not lack for stunning beauty. Simply the drive to and from Mount Rushmore through the Black Hills will be worth your trip, as this region of South Dakota is simply unforgettable. The lush hills are blanketed with trees, and you won’t lack for photo opportunities in this area. Mount Rushmore may be the reason for the trip, but the Black Hills will certainly send you home with something else to talk about.

Centrally Located

It is true that Mount Rushmore is not near to many of the population centers in the United States. Rapid City, South Dakota is the only nearby city of any notable size, with a metro area population of just over 140,000 residents. Even still, Mount Rushmore is reachable for RV owners from a number of different parts of the country. For example, it is approximately a 14 hour drive from Chicago to Mount Rushmore, while it is around 16 hours from Dallas, and 18 hours or so from Los Angeles. No matter where in the country you happen to be coming from, an RV vacation to visit the amazing Mount Rushmore National Monument is certainly within reach.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring Mount Rushmore as a possible RV vacation destination. With plenty of RV parks throughout the Black Hills area, and great scenery waiting to be enjoyed, this is a trip no one in your family will soon forget.

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