My new Favorite Travel Trailer Floorplan! Not a rear living room RV!

My new Favorite Travel Trailer Floorplan! Not a rear living room RV!
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  • Unclear about the build quality, but for me that’s secondary. Slides in you cannot get to the refrigerator. Dealbreaker for anyone who stops and gets fresh produce or groceries because the slide would need to be opened to access the fridge. This floor plan requires having an auxiliary cooler to store purchases in.

  • I like the layout also. I'd remove the wine cooler and have a washer & dryer. Then I'd utilize the top counter for laundry folding & sorting.

  • Great review! Bad thing about the design is you cannot access the refrigerator when the slide is in. You should review the Grand Design Momentum 397TH.

  • I agree 3/4 or 1 ton truck minimum. I'm sure I will see someone with an f-150 with its advertised 11,300 tow rating wallowing down the highway towing this beast while the soft rear suspension is squatting down even with full weight distribution adjustments. Very dangerous in my opinion.

  • Over all I like the layout of the 315RLTS Reflection by Grand Design better. Like all things there is a couple of things I would change. I have a 2018 315RLTS.

  • I would normally agree with you that this travel trailer is 3/4 ton territory, but with a gross vehicle weight rating being 10k lbs why wouldn’t you tow this with a properly equipped 1/2 ton pickup? I know my 2014 F150 had an 11,100 lbs tow capacity.

  • Low quality built I see too many things the chinched out on. Why fo builders do that, only so so far and not all the way to make it a greach coach with great quality. Way too may corners cut on this model.

  • WARNING!!! The Axle's on these trailers are 4,400LB But the hub assemblies are 3,500LB rated. IE the bearings are only 3,500LB rated bearings! That being said, I have a Sunset Trail Grand Reserve, and by far this brand is my favorite of all the manufacturers.

  • I totally respect your advice when it comes to selectly a truck to pull a 5th wheel or exteneded travel trail trailer.
    I differ from your view of desirable decor when it comes to the "standard" sofas and cabinetry of overstuffed Espresso decor. My personal decor is cleaner and more lighter in tone and color. I find the interiors of RV's which ar lighter and brighter which can be seen in the European RV's. The Interior of the trailers and 5th wheels you feature are old news to me and by that I mean when I travel I look for a much brighter and interior with ALL the techno enhancements which you share with me and so many others on your website. Your knowledge which you share with me in invaluable and I am grateful. Your tips on what makes a functional and enjoyable RV is invaluable.
    BUT, your choice of Interior design of Espresso and Cabinet style is OLD NEWS.
    Your knowledge of how trucks and the undercarriage of towables trailers and 5th wheels can be modified is invaluable to everyone.
    I wish your were more modern in your choice of interior decor. I wish you were more determined in the latest plumbing and electrical features regarding solar, truma heating, composting toilets, etc.
    Not everyone glamps at nearby RV Park resorts.
    Your knowledge of Trucks and Truck enhancement and upgrades is invaluable! Thank you for your many videos on your opinions about the trucks which you have owned or driven.

  • I am 6'8" 300lbs I'm looking for a 23 to 25 foot travel trailer, but do you have any suggestions on ones the the larger size showers? I have a 2018 Silverado 1500, my max tow is 9,100 and my gcwr is 15k.

    Thank you

  • Soooooo it only sleeps 2?!? At that length I'd expect it to be able to sleep at least 6. It doesn't look very well made either. I also hate kitchen slides, so this is defenately not my cup of tea.

  • It's a shame these companies cut so many corners! Low end materials and high mark ups with little resale value… What is this about $45k, terrible investment just terrible!😒

  • what's you favorite travel trailer floor plan 20' and under and towable with a 5000 pound SUV towing capacity ? Thanks i value your opinion. btw, yes very nice floor plan for sure 🙂

  • This is good for empty nesters or young couples. Many people I know wit TT's are families. 5th wheel features but the inconvenience of a hitch n tow. So maybe not emptynesters/retirees

  • Did you notice the name of the manufacturer emblazoned on the trey ceiling? Good grief. What is the fascination with putting your name all over the trailer. For as long as you own this thing, you're a moving billboard for the company.