National Parks Basics For New RVers

Having 60 National Parks all across the U.S, RVing in National Parks are always an amazing trip for many RVers. However, as every National Park is unique with respect to its climate as well as the terrain, you must take care to follow certain guidelines when embarking on your RVing in the National Parks.

Tips from Tyler Rice on the necessary guidelines to keep when RVing in a National Park

  • Research- Prior to embarking for a national park, it’s recommended that you visit its website to gather key information, read about past experiences of other campers and fully acclimate yourself with the lay of the land.
  • Trip to your Destination- Just as important as knowing what you’ll do once you’ve arrived is making a plan for the road trip. Being that national parks are typically found in the middle of nowhere, you likely have limited options for your route.
  • Respect in the Camp- Most RVers set up around you at a national park will expect you to keep noise and modern technologies to a minimum.
  • Goal- The goal of camping at a national park is to soak up the beauty of nature without leaving your mark.

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Rene Agredano shares National Parks Basics For New RVers

  • Research Your Route to the Park

    Many national park campgrounds like Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah are located in stunning, scenic locations reached only via steep, winding roads. To prepare for any unusual driving conditions like steep grades or gravel roads, check the ‘œThings to Know Before You Come’ section of the park’s website before you head out.

  • Understand Campground Accommodations and Limitations

    Many of our national park campgrounds were designed around beautiful, natural scenic features like rocks, trees and canyons. As a result, access can sometimes be impeded and force you to find other camping arrangements. Learn all you can about a national park campground’s facilities by visiting the park’s website and reviewing campground information in the ‘œPlan Your Visit’ section.

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Most National Parks strive to offer its visitors a chance to blend with the exotic flora and fauna within the park.

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