What To Do When In Olympic National Park

Located on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, driving to Olympic National Park is spectacular too. The park is a busy camping spot owing to its diverse ecosystems. So take a look at our tips on things to watch for while RVing in Olympic National Park.

What To Do When In Olympic National Park

Hiking the Hurricane Ridge

Popularly known as a mountainous area in Washington, Hurricane Ridge is a sought after spot in Olympic National Park for RVers. Some fun activities to do while in Hurricane Ridge are hiking, snowboarding, and skiing.

Forest Camping in Olympic National Forest

An ideal forest camping spot, Olympic National Forest is located in 628,115 acres. This national Forest has 26 campgrounds with 16 sites having standard facilities. 

Water Camping and Water Sports at Crescent Lake

Perfect for Water Camping, Lake Crescent is one of the star attractions of the National Park. On the north side of the Forest, auto-bound visitors enjoy Lake Crescent, its mirror-like surface reflecting the area’s breath-taking beauty.

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Summer is the busiest and the gorgeous-most time to be in Olympic National Park, even though it is open 24×7 throughout the year. As all campgrounds in the National Park follows the rule-‘First Come First Serve’, make sure to book your campsites well in advance.

The NP also has many rain forests and Shi Shi Beach in its vast area.

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