Options to Refill Your Propane Tank…Without Moving Your RV!

If you are an RV owner who likes to keep your rig parked in one place for months at a time, you may run into a problem when your propane tank starts to drift toward empty. Obviously you need to refill the tank, but you are almost certainly not parked within hose range of a refilling tank. Do you have to re-mobilize your RV in order to go for a refill? Or is it possible to refill the tank without moving your RV a single inch?

The good news is that – yes – it is possible to refill your RV propane tank without moving your RV at all. In fact, there are a couple of viable options to have this task completed. Since so much of your RV runs on propane, including basic functions like heating and cooking, you will want to be sure that you have a plan in place to refill the tank before it ever runs out of gas.

Bring the Truck to You

In most locations, you can request a delivery of propane to be brought right to your RV. A propane truck will arrive at your location, connect to your tank, and provide you with as much gas as necessary. As far as convenience goes, it doesn’t get much better than this option. In fact, with some companies, you won’t even need to be present at your RV when the refill takes place. Simply set up the delivery and let the propane company handle the rest.

There is, however, one significant problem with this plan – cost. Having a small amount of propane delivered to your RV is extremely expensive in most cases. While the convenience of the delivery service is nice, the cost will be prohibitive for most people. One exception to this rule is when you are staying in an RV park. Some parks have designated days during the month when a propane truck will come through and provide refills to anyone needs more gas. In this case, you may be able to get a better rate because the truck will be serving a larger number of customers at one time.

A Better Option

Since propane delivery isn’t a cost-effective option in most cases, you will probably need to go and get the propane yourself. Instead of going through the hassle of getting your RV ready to hit the road, take your personal vehicle instead. With the right equipment, you can simply purchase a portable propane cylinder and use it to refill your tank. You can usually purchase a propane kit to connect a cylinder to your RV tank for less than $100 – an investment that will more than pay for itself as time goes by. Not only will this kit allow you to move gas into your RV tank, but you can also use it to draw gas from your RV tank for use on external appliances. This is a great accessory to have for your RV, and one that will save you both time and money in the long run.

Safety First

Always remember that propane is a compressed gas and should be treated with care. Any time you are moving gas in or out of one of your tanks, exercise caution and follow the directions provided with your equipment as closely as possible. If you aren’t comfortable dealing with the propane on your own, ask for help from a professional. Also, whenever you are transporting propane, be sure to comply with all relevant regulations.

There is no need to get your RV up and running simply because you are out of propane. Each of the two options above can work nicely for this job, and you won’t have to bother moving your RV from its comfortable parking space. If you are interested in the convenience of propane delivery, feel free to call a local supplier and inquire about their rates. Most likely, you will find that the prospect of retrieving your own propane in portable cylinders is more attractive than paying the high price of delivery. Either way, be safe when dealing with propane and enjoy the many benefits that this compressed gas has to offer your RV.




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