Places To Check Out While In Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is situated in the middle of the Coast of Maine and is a prime tourist  attraction owing to its diverse landscape. The park stretches across 47,000 acres and is perfect for camping as well as hiking.

So take a look at these ideal destinations to visit while RVing in Acadia National Park.

CampgroundViews on Tips to Explore Acadia National Park

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Where to Go When in Acadia National Park

Bass Harbor Head Light

Bass Harbor Head Light is the only lighthouse on Mount Desert Island. Currently a private residence for the commander of the local Coast Guard unit, the lighthouse has short trails on either side that provide spectacular views.

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Cadillac Mountain

Located at an elevation of 1530 ft, Cadillac Mountain is the tallest mountain on the U.S East Coast. Reached via a spiraling road, Cadillac Mountain is closed in December until April 14.

Acadia Gardens

Stretching across one acre of land, the Wilderness of Acadia Gardens is a reflection of the desert ecosystems. The Gardens are filled with gravelled roads, native plants and rich birdlife.

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Offering a cool and humid climate owing its ideal location amidst trees, Acadia National Park has a long history to it as well.

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