Plan Your Summer Vacation – Now!

It is never too early to start planning next summer’s RV vacation. That might sound like an exaggeration, but it really is the truth. Summer is, of course, the time of year when nearly every RV owner plans to hit the road – along with travelers taking cars, trucks, buses, and more. The interstates are full of tourists during the beautiful summer months, meaning campgrounds, parks, and more are jam-packed throughout June, July, and August. If you are going to be able to take the exact trip you have been dreaming of, the best bet is to get started right away on your planning.

It's Never Too Early to Plan a Summer Vacation
It’s Never Too Early to Plan a Summer Vacation

Campgrounds are First

Obviously, the first thing to sort out is where you are going to park your RV each night during your trip. Are you going to set up camp at one spot and stay there for the whole vacation? Or are you going to hop from campground to campground, only staying a night or two at each? The choice is yours, but you will want to reserve your spot as soon as possible if you are staying anywhere near a popular destination. For example, the campgrounds around Yellowstone and Yosemite will become booked well in advance. Check out the website of any campground you are considering and make your reservation as early as they allow.

Get Time Off

Not only are the roads busy with travelers in the summer season, but your office is also likely busy with people trying to get time off to go on vacation. Remember to put in your time off request as early as possible so that you can improve your chances of getting the exact dates you have in mind. Having the days off already booked on your work calendar will also make it easier to reserve your campsites with confidence.

Prepare the RV

Knowing what kind of trip you are going to take, you can spend some time during the months ahead working on any preparations that you may need to make to the RV. If you are going to engage in a specific activity, for example, make sure you have the appropriate storage area in the RV to take along your equipment. Also, if you are going off the grid with no utility hookups at the campground, you will want to have the right gear along for the trip to handle that kind of setup.

Take Your Time on the Rest

The other details of your trip, things like where you might want to eat or what specific activities you want to try, can be planned piece by piece as the vacation gets closer. These kinds of things likely don’t require reservations well in advance, meaning you can afford to be methodical in your planning of this piece of the puzzle. The internet is a tremendous resource of information when it comes to planning trips, so read reviews from other travelers and think about your own interests before settling on a final itinerary.

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