Preparing for a Lonely Drive in the Country

Taking your RV for a long drive to a great destination is something that most RV owners dream of all year long. The open road can be a great place to unwind, soak in some scenery, and catch up with your traveling companions. Where some people count the miles until they will be done with their trip, RV owners tend to savor the miles instead, enjoying each one as it passes.

There Are Countless Miles of Lonely Highways Around the Country
There Are Countless Miles of Lonely Highways Around the Country

Of course, that doesn’t mean its always smooth sailing out there on the road. Things can happen when you take off on a long drive, especially in a large RV. Being prepared for a variety of circumstances is the smart and responsible thing to do. While that is true for any trip you take, it is especially important when you are going to be taking the ‘road less traveled’.

Wandering the Back Roads

There are more than 300 million people living in the United States as of 2014. With that kind of population base, you might think that there would be nowhere to go in this country where you could get some peace and quiet. Oh but you would be wrong. There are many many miles of lonely roads all over this country – especially in the west. As you gain experience traveling around the country in your RV, you will find that there is still plenty of desolate land to explore, even in a country with so many millions of residents.

If you are going to be traveling some of these ‘lonely’ roads on your next RV trip, be sure to prepare yourself for as many circumstances as possible. Some of these roads see very few travelers, and you will likely be well out of cell phone range when you get deep into the country. Anytime you head out into such remote territory in your RV, you should always be prepared to spend the night if absolutely necessary. Take food and plenty of water and comfortable clothing so you can get through a night safely if there is a problem with the RV along the way. Hopefully this situation will never come to pass, but you will enjoy your trip more thoroughly if you are prepared just in case.

Where are These Roads?

Still not convinced that there are desolate highways crisscrossing the country? You don’t have to look at a map for very long to find plenty of them. The state of Nevada alone is home to plenty of lonely stretches of highway, such as US-93 which runs north and south in the eastern half of the state. Leaving from the metropolis of Las Vegas on I-15 east, it doesn’t take long to find US-93N, which will quickly take you away from the bright lights of the strip out into the desert. While you will run into a few small towns along the way, there is very little along this highway of note – and you shouldn’t plan on seeing too many other cars on the road with you. Of course, this is just one example of the remote highways that can be explored throughout the western half of the country. These roads can lead to great vacations, but be sure you are prepared before setting off.

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