Preparing your Camper for the long storage

Storing your motorhome is important, especially if you are not planning to go on a road trip for a long time. So here are some notes for you:

camper storage 2

  • Park and level your RV.
  • Always have a battery charger.
  • Drain your water tanks and disconnect your pump lines. Drain your water heater too.
  • Clean and sanitize your sewage tanks, close all valves and disconnect cleaned hose and store it.
  • Turn the propane off at the tank.
  • Keep your toilet bowl with water and make sure that the seals are lubricated.
  • Maintain your air tires to normal pressure and cover to prevent the sun from crumbling the side walls.
  • Make sure to empty your gas tank before storage or pour in ‘Store-Gas’ during your last drive, fill the tank and put your camper into storage.

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There you have it! As long as you store your camper the right and proper way you needn’t have to worry in keeping it working again from a long road trip time off.


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