Pros and Cons of Joining an RV Travel Club

RV travel clubs are everywhere – simply type the phrase ‘RV travel club’ into your favorite search engine and you will certainly find plenty of options to consider. So, as an RV owner, should you consider joining one of these clubs? Are they worth the money? The answer to those questions is complicated. Yes, RV clubs can be useful in certain situations, but they can also be more trouble than they are worth. It will be up to you to research carefully prior to joining any club to make sure you will be able to get your money’s worth over the life of your membership.

RV Clubs are Popular, But Are They Worth the Money?
RV Clubs are Popular, But Are They Worth the Money?

The Fee

The upfront fee that you will have to pay annually to join an RV club will vary depending on the features and services that each club provides. Often, these fees are rather small, in the range of only $40 or $50 per year. However, there is no point in paying that fee if you aren’t going to receive beneficial services in return. Don’t allow the low entry fee to convince you to purchase a membership without first doing your homework.

The Discounts

Most membership programs will sell you on the discounts that they are able to offer from RV parks and other businesses all across the country. If you just quickly do the math in your head, this deal could start to sound rather attractive. After all, if you get $10 off per night at an RV park (for example), you wouldn’t have to stay very many nights in order to recoup your initial investment. It is this kind of thinking alone that compels many RV owners to sign on the dotted line.

Before you sign up, take a moment to browse the list of ‘participating businesses’ to see how many of them you will actually have a chance to patronize. For instance, if you prefer to take your RV on trips throughout the Midwest, and most of the participating businesses are in the south, this particular membership isn’t going to do you any good. You don’t want to have to plan your trips around your RV travel membership – you should be able to take the trips you want to take and have the membership work for you naturally.

Towing Services

This is really the one place where RV memberships can pay off in a big way under the right circumstances. If the RV travel club you are considering offers towing service with your membership – and that service covers the area where you like to travel – you might want to strongly consider joining. Think of your membership in this case like insurance. If you are traveling across the countryside and your rig breaks down, having it towed could be a large expense. With your membership, however, you could only be out the cost of your yearly subscription.

In general, you should be skeptical of any RV travel club membership offers that you come across. Many of them offer limited benefits and plenty of restrictions, meaning they won’t pay off for a majority of members. However, if you happen to travel frequently to locations where they offer discounts, or if you would like to take advantage of towing services that are offered, it may be wise to consider certain RV travel clubs as a way to enhance your experience.

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