Pros and Cons: The Case For and Against Private RV Parks

It is pretty easy to divide RV owners into two categories – those who prefer to camp on public lands, and those who opt for privately-owned RV parks. Of course, there is no right answer in this debate, as there are plenty of pros and cons associated with each option. As long as you can find a safe and comfortable place to park your RV for the night, you can have a great trip.

There are Pros and Cons to Private RV Parks
There are Pros and Cons to Private RV Parks

As a way to learn more about each perspective, the content below will look at the arguments for and against staying in private RV parks.

The Case For Private RV Parks

There is a lot to like about private RV parks. The first thing that comes to mind immediately is the quality of service that you will often receive. Since private RV parks are businesses, they need to keep their customers as a top priority. When you stay on public land, you are unlikely to receive any form of customer service – you are simply paying a nightly fee for the right to park your rig. However, at a private facility, you will likely receive more attention during your stay. In this way, parking your RV at a private RV park is more like staying at a hotel than a campground.

Another benefit of private RV parks is the assortment of amenities that you may be able to find. Many of these facilities have great amenities on site such as a swimming pool, recreation hall, snack shop, equipment rentals, and more. Instead of having to head out of the campground to find some of these things, they will be just a short walk from your RV.

The Case Against Private RV Parks

Any argument against staying at a private RV park always starts with the same point – cost. Simply put, private RV parks are going to be more expensive than RV spots on public land. If you are travelling by RV in part because you like to save money on lodging, private resorts are likely not going to be your best option. While it will be possible to find a great deal from time to time, you should expect to pay more on average than you would in a state park or national forest, for example.

In addition to paying more, you will probably not be able to stay in the same kind of beautiful locations that are commonly found on public land. Many of the areas that are reserved for public use have been selected because they are naturally beautiful. Building a private RV park on a gorgeous piece of property is typically too costly, so RV resorts don’t tend to offer much in the way of a view. This isn’t a hard and fast rule of course, but it is an accurate representation of what you will find throughout your travels.

So should you consider private RV parks when planning your next trip? That is going to be up to you. There are valid reasons to stay at a private resort – and there are valid reasons to avoid them as well. Think about what you want to get out of your vacation, and what you want to spend, and your best option will quickly reveal itself.

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