How to Remove RV Black Streaks

If you are a long-time RV owner, you already know about the problem that is black streaking on the side of your rig. It is hard to avoid the development of these streaks over time, but that doesn’t mean they are any less annoying. If you want to eliminate these streaks from your rig to bring back its great looks, you will need to have a plan. To help you get started, we have collected a few tips which are listed below.

What are Those Streaks, Anyway?

Before we offer a few tips, it is important to quickly explain where those frustrating streaks are coming from. Typically, black streaks will form on the side of your RV when dirt and other debris has been washed down the side of the rig by rain or other sources of water. With that in mind, you can probably already guess what you need to do in order to limit black streaks in the future – wash the roof of your RV. If you keep the top of your RV clean, there will be very little dirt available to create those dreaded streaks.

Wash and Wax

When it comes to caring for the sides of your RV, try using a wash and wax product on a consistent basis. If you are able to keep up with a regular schedule of washing your rig, you will limit the ability of the black streaks to form in the first place. Along with roof cleaning, simply washing the sides of your RV will help because there won’t be much for the dirt and grime to stick to as it slides down. Just like caring for a passenger car, washing an RV consistently will go a long way toward maintaining its looks.

Don’t Go Shopping Just Yet

If you already have black streaks in place, you don’t necessarily have to go out and purchase a special cleaning agent right away. If you have WD-40 around the house, try that first to cut through the grime. It is possible that the WD-40 will remove the streaks nicely, and you will only then need to wash down the RV with soap and water to finish the job. This is an affordable solution, and you could be done with the job in a matter of minutes.

Specialty Items

If you fail with the WD-40, or if you don’t have any on hand, it may be time to take a trip to the RV supply store. Most RV and camping stores will have at least a few streak cleaning products for you to consider. No matter which one you buy, make sure to try it first on an out-of-the-way, small portion of your rig. If the cleaner has an unintended effect on the finish on the side of your RV, you don’t want to find out after splashing the product over half of the vehicle. Start small, make sure it isn’t going to harm the finish, and then proceed to clean up the streaks properly.

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