RV Across America: The Reality Check of Just 24 hours of Expenses

RV Across America: The Reality Check of Money and Costs. It’s NEVER as cheap as you think when you travel across the United States in your motor home, trailer or RV. There are so many expenses: fuel, insurance, RV parks, State and Federal park fees, food, towing, repairs…AND THEN comes money for fun last!

Here is my typical costs for 24 hours for one of the legs of my trip in my Adventurer Class C RV from western Washington to northern Idaho. And we did not include the costs of other food, toiletries and other incidentals!

I like to chop my trips into 300-400 mile legs to keep things relaxed.

SO NEVER BE FOOLED: you need more cash then you think. And you need travel medical insurance, proper RV insurance, and money for recreation and repairs.

RV travel is never as sugar sweet and cheap as some folks will tell you…

Keep your wheels on the ground! See y’all on the road….

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