RV Boondocking Preparation Tips

If you are not familiar with the term, ‘boondocking’ refers to an RV trip where you are not hooked up to any utilities at an official campsite. This kind of camping may be necessary from time to time, depending on where you want to travel. Of course, thanks to the many features built into modern RVs, you should still be able to have a great time even though you can make use of everything on your rig. Use the tips listed below to prepare yourself properly for an enjoyable boondocking vacation.

Think Efficiency

You are going to have a limited supply of power with you when boondocking, as you won’t be able to simply plug in to keep everything running. With that in mind, you want to setup your RV to be as efficient as possible. For instance, you can use LED lamps to light up the RV, as LEDs pull very little power. Also, bring along anything you might be able to use to block out the sun during the hot part of the day. By covering your windows with an insulating material during the hot daylight hours, you should be able to prevent the RV from heating up too much.

Plan Your Power Generation

To boondock for any length of time, you will want to have the capability to create some of your own power. The most common way to do this is through the use of a portable generator. Most RVs can run the majority of their systems on generator power, however you will have to contend with the noise that a generator produces. For a more elegant solution – albeit an expensive one – you could consider adding solar panels to your rig.

Bring Plenty of Water

While you can make power with the use of a generator, you aren’t going to be able to make water – so bring more than you think you will need. Whether for drinking or for washing, it is always important to have water available. Acquire some fresh water jugs that you can store somewhere in your vehicle or rig and use it as sparingly as possible, especially early in the trip. Nothing will cut a boondocking camping trip short quite as quickly as running out of water.

Trash Storage

One of the services you are going to be going without when you decide to boondock is trash disposal. You certainly don’t want to just leave your trash out in nature, but there aren’t likely to be any garbage cans nearby, either. You will need to bring supplies to haul your garbage away and throw it out legally when you are on the way home (or on the way to another destination). This is not exactly a glamourous part of boondocking, but you should have a plan for it nonetheless.

It is true that you have to do a bit more planning when boondocking as opposed to when you are going to stay at an official campground with full amenities. However, you will be rewarded in many cases with great views, plenty of open space, and the peace and quiet that many people are looking for when they head out into nature. Have fun and stay safe out there!


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