RV Camper Water Heaters: Tips & Troubleshooting

RV Camper Water Heaters: Tips & Troubleshooting
Welcome to the Great Outdoors RV Tutorial video. Mait Parker shows you the proper use of RV hot water heaters, and explains how to clean and maintain them.

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  • new to 5th wheels but forced to endure it for a few months and these things really suck!! so much maintenence and waste of water, additives etc just to have things work. cannot wait until i am out of it, when i am done i would love to just dump it or give it away!! horrible.

  • Thx but dude, it's a "water heater". It heats cold water and makes hot water. Also, it's pronounced "ah-node rod"- not "anoid". The valve with the lever you trip is a TPR or temperature/ pressure relief valve. It helps to speak professionally. Just sayin'

  • Last month, we bought a new Coachmen Clipper with a We have a Suburban, Airxcel, Inc. SW6DP Direct Spark Ignition. We took it out for a 3 day stay in an RV park and the hot water worked fine.
    I took a 2 month volunteer camp host job 4 hours away on the Coast. And now the hot water will not work! The DSI FLT red light flickers on and off.
    We turned the propane take on, full blast. We ran the water out of the tap. It did not warm up.
    We found the reset button. Pushed it. No change. The reset button had NOT popped out, so that was not the problem.

  • My pilot lite turns on automatically but the burn does not turn on. I can see the flame from the pilot lite in the burner tube but it will not ignite. What could be the problem?

  • good morning, great video by the way. i have a question about an atwood water heater. my tank has a hole in it, and i am going to get a new tank. how can i tell if the heating unit is ok or needing replacement?