How To Find Free RV Camping

According to Brian and Margie Hoag, Free RV Camping is not Free RV Parking. The former refers to staying multiple days in your RV for Free and the latter means Free parking of your RV overnight.

Knowing how to find free RV campgrounds is a necessity for all Full-Time RVers! 

RV Camping How to find free RV Camping?

  1. Use Maps like that of Benchmark Maps Atlas and Backroads Mapbooks to locate free campgrounds
  2.  Research good RV magazines
  3.  Go back country exploring with gadgets that has electronic navigation mechanisms like Topography finder using GPS (for helping you find and prepare for the topography of your destined camping locations, use software like Topo USA 8.0)
  4. Recreation sites are a good choice of Free RV campgrounds

Here, check out an informative video on how to find free RV Camping, from veteran RVer Colorado Camperman:

Tell us what your own tactics of finding a free RV site is, in the comments below. How long do you stay at a Fee RV campground usually?


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