Best Ways To Keep Your RV Carpets Clean

RV Carpets can get dirty easily.

The first step to starting on the cleanliness campaign for carpets in your RV is to hang a ‘No Soiled Shoes Allowed’ Board! :mrgreen:

According to doityourself,

“Most people tend to wait years to clean their motor home carpet, but if you clean it regularly, the whole process will be much easier, far less time consuming and even cheaper”.

RV Carpets

Here are our five best ways to clean your RV Carpet effortlessly:

  1. Vacuum + Chemical Dry + Shampoo the carpet
  2. Do Spring Cleaning on your RV regularly
  3. Use dry sawdust to clean effectively
  4. Stop using Shoes inside your RV
  5. Make a Carpet Cleaner for your RV!

Here’s a video on how to make a carpet cleaner for your RV, from Wade Maid.

Check out more of Wade Maid’s videos here.

How do you keep your RV carpets clean? Tell us in the comments below 😀

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