RV Fridge Maintenance & Manual Defrosting

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RV Fridge Maintenance & Manual Defrosting
Cleaning my Dometic RM 760 2 way gas/electric fridge.

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Nomadic Fanatic


  1. One Utube video advises against using a hairdryer because it might melt the plastic backing which would total the refridgerator. But I think thats being a bit paranoid OCD.
    Great idea about the towel to catch the water. And bleach for the mold.

    One lady uses plastic mats on the freezer floor and back wall and just peels off the frost covered mats in like one minute. Might try that too.

  2. Eric were is your fresh fruit and veg?
    Your diet consists of junk food and beers, I'm not against junk and beers once in a while but all the time?
    Thought you wanted to grow the channel not have a heart attack when your 40

  3. Eric-
    If you have liquor in your fridge(closed or open) and the cops pull you over, what is the protocol for that? Its after all your home on wheels and people have unfinished  stuff they can't eat or drink in their fridge all the time. Also- WHAT is the tattoo on your left arm? I keep blowing it up but can't ever make it out -to blurry.

  4. Best way to melt ice it put a bowl of hot water in the freezer and leave for a few hours with a towel.  It saves you electric if you don't wish to use the hair dryer. Glass surface cleaner? You using the wrong cleaning product. It may look clean but its not 100% clean.  Buy a bottle of Bleach that kills the germs and bacteria and e coli and salmonella.  Use a bowl and hot water to clean the fridge and wear washing up gloves as the bleach may harm your skin on your hands. When you storing food, you don't want to get food poisoning and make you get sick.

  5. No 'products!' Save yourself some money, and exposure to nasty chemicals, and save the earth. Just baking soda in water for the fridge and freezer. And vinegar in water for the windows and mirrors. Vinegar in water is all you need to clean most other surfaces, except, it will dissolve the glue in sponge mops. Put a little dish of baking soda in the back of the fridge to absorb odors.

  6. I'm told that white vinegar keeps windows from collecting frost and cleans well. I wonder if that would be good to wipe out a freezer just to see how long it lasts without defrosting the next time.

  7. Question: When you get down to much warmer weather will that effect youre freezer,will you have to defrost often or and does youre system work well in very hot weather, I mean when Im out with my boat in heat….if its very warm and Im out for a long time the refrigirator gets frosted very fast atleast it did so until I installed better ombord climate system ombord and also my frige, how effective is the climate control in youre RV in regard to keeping the overall warmth or in this case to keep cold ventilated in the RV  when it is going to be standing still in hot desert climate…

    might be a stupid question but im new at this…how does it work when its going to be very hot inside an RV do you have a good system that keeps it nice and cold when the heat is coming ,
    also Lemon and Baking Soda is good for cleaning, and I use a micro freezer usb style to keep my drinks cold forgetting them in freezer is to big mess so I got a cheap ass.usb small mini frige takes about 4-6 coca cola 33cl  but maybe you probably know that already I did same mistake to many times but my mini cooler usb style saves the day every time..=) no more spilling in freezer;)

  8. As a repair guy, cleaning the edges where the rubber closes on as you did is very important because when the sides get dirty and sticky they slowly damage the rubber seal.Btw I think I'm finally caught up on your videos, yaaa! I left Israel for Europe in the summer, (tons of smaller RV's) and did not have much wifi, then when I came back home I was not sure what was Happening with all those mean people bullying you. Glad to see comments are back hope all is well and keep the videos coming 🙂

  9. Ugh.I just had to clean mine after I had to empty it cuz it was on a hill n fridge stopped working. I had a family emergency n was gone a week n when returned It was disgusting with mold. Actually made me sick cleaning it due to my allergy to penicillin….oops. Should've worn a mask. Anyways I use scrubbing bubbles or generic bathroom cleaner for all my cleaning.especially stove. Kills germs n such. Spray.let sit a few min n rinse clean water on rag or sponge.Done. oh also. I just turn it off for few hours n let defrost.but I guess hair dryers faster. Put things in coolers. thanx for the video.love ya

  10. Hi Eric, just a thought – but what about making some of your own music, as you did on the money making video – C R BOGER etc. you strum a little, sing or whatever, mix, edit – dub up some new tunes ! 
    Also – when cleaning the fridge, I like to take out the racks, scour them and get into the tracks with some scrubbing. Wipe out white vinegar helps with killing mould and deodorizing – freshens it up nice after cleaning. Still watching ya – Jon


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