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In this RV how-to video Mark Polk, with RV Education 101, offers some simple preventive maintenance checks you can make to keep you RV furnace in top operating condition and ready for some cold weather camping.

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Mark Polk

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  1. Hello Mark could u help me I'm not sure what wires cause there's 3 two black n one white what's positive n netive in the extra battery compartment it's in a 85 Ford Econoline honey motor home

  2. i have a 2006 fleetwood fema trialer ok when i turn the furnace on about after 5 minutes it starts surging and my ceiling lights go dim .it just started that day before yesterday it never done it before ..any suggestions

  3. I'm looking at this because I figured out today that my blower for my furnace only works on 12 volt, which is stupid. Why? If I'm plugged in to 30 amp service, shouldn't it have dual power, so I'm not constantly draining my batteries when it's freezing outside faster than I can charge them back up? Even if I put two chargers at 15 amps on both batteries, it takes hours to recharge. I also have to unhook all the power to the rv while charging "so I'm told" so it doesn't mess with the rv converter's small 3 amp charger. So there's 4 to 5 hours or longer I can't use the main furnace. I just don't understand why there's not an AC power option when hooked up to shore power for the blower.

  4. Hi Mark, I desperatley need your help. My furnace was working just fine up untill last nite instead of ternig on it made a buzzing noise. The furnace is a 2007 atwood portable 24,000 btu ,out. The rv is a 33 foot 5 wheeler and I live in it. I live on a remote Island in the pacific northwest and can not 'drive it" to the shop as it is very expensive to do so. Sometimes some of us get togerther and hire a tech to come over to look at several units to cover the cost but this is not the case. If I can find out what part has malfuntioned I stand a better than average chance of replaceing it and not freezing any more.
    Thanks Mike


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