RV LIVING – 10 Myths and Misconceptions

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RV LIVING – 10 Myths and Misconceptions
So many myths and misconceptions surround full time RVing. Check out this video to see what RV life is really like! ☆THE DYRT PRO CAMPSITE FINDING …

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  1. You may have to work, but you don't have a boss looking over your shoulder and you don't have to commute to work everyday and deal with a toxic work environment. You are very lucky and blessed. Great video.

  2. I do disagree with one point you made. You said ALL RVs are made with poor quality components and made as cheap as possible to sell them at a price point to sell or people would not buy them. Well that could be true for the vast majority, but it's certainly not for all of them. Yes you'll pay a lot more but look at Oliver trailers. Their top-notch high quality and they'll probably last your lifetime, you do get what you pay for. And people do pay more for quality if they know it's there. Try to find a used Oliver, they sell almost immediately. I don't have one but I plan on getting one when I retire, airstream is another good manufacturer but Oliver's are actually better In my opinion, and they're cheaper than airstream.

  3. I thought the name of your RV was Springdude. Now I see it's Springdale😊We are full timers too. Just removed the booth dinette. Purchased 2 comfortable euro recliner chairs and desk like you installed. So many pretty places. It does take some getting used to😊

  4. Yep, really irks me when I'm boondocking and someone comes and parks pretty close to me when they have all this other open space to park; and I have two dogs with me…..

  5. I rented a travel trailer this summer and used some of your advice. Thank you. There are a couple of things that I didn't realize. When the GPS says you will get some place in 7 hours, it's more like 12 hours when you are pulling a trailer. If you buy $400 of food and you eat out, you come home with $400 with of food.

  6. On another video, the lady said that when she couldn't fix something herself, she'd use mobile repair guys bc they're more reliable-they get paid when they fix the problem and in one instance, the insurance company tried to lay the blame on her (bent jack) and the mobile repair guy was able to get them to pay for the repairs to that and something else that was causing the issue.
    Read the reviews to be sure about each one, of course 🙂

  7. Another great video with great tips. Hope to meet you guys on the road sometime. Hope you don't mind a couple of wind chimes. We like the tranquil feel they give when we're relaxing. 😎

  8. I live full time in my 5th wheel. Ive been living in it for about a year now and I am not a big fan of full time RVing. I know people who love it but you never know if it is for you untill you try it. My advice is start small and inexpensive and go from there. Maybe youll like it maybe you won’t. I think its worth trying. Last peice of advice, im single and travel solo, i would recommend having a partner. Having a partner kills the loneliness and gives you a second set of hand to make the difficult task like backing up a whole lot easier.

  9. Mean people suck … My husband and I have been full-time RVs for 5 years now. We are completely self-contained ( solar & airhead toilet)🙄 and only boondock where it's free 🤗. I think with everything that's going on in the world today, those of us that are far away from people are the safest.

  10. I had a plan which was to buy an Rv and live in it and still work because I was tired of getting kicked out of places such as my birth gives home. I was done. I wanted to save as well. Which meant getting an RV it's my own place it's my own and not a single soul can kick me out of it. This is still my plan.

  11. Thanks for the great advise! We appreciate learning from the experiences of others. Everyone has their own ideas on how to live this FT RV lifestyle, driven by their unique goals and budget.

    We retired about 2 yrs ago on social security and a small pension, bought an older, low mileage motorhome and hit the road. We have 1/2 the income we used to have, but have more money in the bank now than we ever had. We boondock about 1/2 the time, but when we stay in RV parks or campgrounds we choose inexpensive alternatives. The most we spent on an RV park was in the Smoky Mountains (we like to go there for the gem mining) a few months back. Still, It only cost $475/mo including electricity. Last month we spent $275/mo (including electric) for a FHU RV park in AL. Last year we wintered over in a nice FHU RV park near Brownsville TX, spending $160/mo. + elec. which ran about $80/mo. We look forward to returning there there this year too and love the warm winter weather there, not to mention the good fishing and the day trips across the border for cheap meds, dentists, tequila, etc.. Our goal is to live, like the song says, "Where the weather fits our clothes."

    We like Army COE parks and forest service parks too. If you have an old fart pass (America the Beautiful) they offer an outstanding value – usually $8-$12/day. We never stay in National Parks, but frequently boondock outside of them – staying for free in some of the most beautiful places imaginable – like overlooking the N. Rim of the Grand Canyon or right outside the big 5 NPs in Utah. We prefer boondocking on BLM land out west. We have 620 watts of solar, which helps too. Finding water hasn't been a problem for us as our MH holds 95 gallons and we carry another 15 gallons in our toad, which is sufficient for a 14 day stay (the typical BLM limit) which is when our holding tanks get full too.

    We wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything. Even if we had a million bucks, there's not much we'd change, as we live the way we want to now.

  12. Sweety 'smiling' in the background at 8:20. LOL. Oh, sorry, you were saying something important. Great information. As a person always scheming on how to increase my travel time, I appreciate your real, frank experience. I did do a little look around inside Dyrt and love the trip planning feature. I can see using this a lot when taking future cross-country RV trips.

  13. Somebody might be trying to park near you because they're scared to be out there alone. Safety in numbers… But I get it that you personally want privacy. / That's weird about the water. Maybe ask how much is one night costs FIRST, before you ask about just filling up. Maybe you can fill up at a truck stop ??

  14. At 12:30 when talking about the places that won’t let you just fill up with water I’ve found it easiest to simply pay for and pull into the spot assigned to me. Then I hook up the water and fill my tanks and any other water containers I have. Then I promptly pull out and say thank you for the lovely stay but I changed my mind and decided to move on lol

  15. All RV's are going to have things break, that's a given. What I don't agree with is that all of them have issues you have to deal with constantly. The trailer you chose is one of the lowest price points Keystone makes, definitely not intended for full time use. There are better quality trailers from all manufacturers that are built better and can better handle extended use. Some manufacturers are definitely better than others and you will pay for better quality that will last longer and give you less issues to deal with.


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