RV Living #51 – All things cat!

RV Living #51 – All things cat!
PapayaJoy shares her experience with having Harley on the road.

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  1. Hi Joy, my wife and I bought, and now live in an RV. I love your videos, your cheery disposition, and your experiences. We have an indoor cat, Shadow, and she was able to be outside on our deck of our s&b. She misses her outside time. We are totally going to try the harness/leash thing next summer.

  2. Hey PJ,
    Did you ever try putting Harley in a carrier before moving. The cat is nervous because of the sudden jerking motion and is only trying to find a secure & safe spot. Then you can take the carrier in the cab with you.

    Another thing I found that is a real help is a foldable dog wire pen set up out side the RV to keep the cat(s) from going walkabout. It doesn't cost much and it takes up no room at when folded.

    Lie your videos. Stay happy.

  3. My female cat was even more sensitive to sounds like thunder. Your male cat is beautiful. Does he get along with other cats, since, you'll leash him outside? My male wants to kill anything coming around my home.

  4. Have you discovered World's Best Cat Litter yet? I went through so many different brands until I discovered World's Best, and now I'll never use any other brand ūüôā

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  8. Hey there, I have three kitties and am thinking of converting to RV life. Wondering what make/model you have that allows AC to run when you're gone and kitties have to stay. Thanks ūüôā

  9. Thank You for posting! I subbed immediately ? Planning to live in my car in a few weeks, being homeless is tough but I couldn't "Give him away" as requested by my parents, so I'm now homeless but not Adventure less! So excited and I thank you for posting, Ditka ? and I send you Hugs & Blessings ?

  10. Thanks for the video. I am learning all I can before I purchase my RV to travel with my two cats.
    I have leash trained my cats with a harness. I actually have a pet stroller I walk them around with before letting them walk on the lead.
    Word of advice to folks teaching their cats to walk on a lead, never ever put the leash on the cat's collar. Even to just pull them out. It can strangle them and/or break the delicate bones in their neck.
    If you keep the lead on your kitty always attach it to the harness. Never to the neck.
    Thanks again for the RV tips.

  11. Quick kitty tip: they prefer their water in a separate location from their food. In the long run, their kidneys benefit because of course, they're drinking more! (It has to do with their natural instinct to keep their "kill" (food) from contaminating their water. )

  12. I'm glad I finally heard from someone who addressed my main question. Is it okay to put cats into the travel trailer while traveling. I get what you're saying and I appreciate the info!

  13. And so it comes to it, The RV with the best cat accommodations will be declared winner and a trophy.
    I'm putting up 1,000.00 cash for the winner soon.

  14. I am currently in shopping mode for RV or bus to convert to RV and two cats will be traveling with me. Both are indoor and very skiddish so I know the transition might take longer, great idea on transitioning slowly to collar, harness and being in a traveling unit.


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