RV Living Pros & Cons

When in your trailer you are the boss of your life and of the road. But it also means that you are responsible for your own safety, your RV’s safety and those around you.

RVing pros and cons

Now if you are in the process of deciding whether to give this RV living a go or a no check out these RVing pros and cons by budgetsaresexy.com that may help you make up your mind.

The Pros:

  • You get to travel and explore the world.
  • While living cheaper than in a normal home.
  • You have total freedom and flexibility.
  • As well as more “one-on-one” time with nature – even if more luxuriously, sometimes.
  • You get to visit all your friends and family located in different places around the country
  • Meeting new friends and campers.
  • And forming memories that will last forever.
  • You’d get to learn a lot about life and living.
  • And last but not least, you can say you were able to face this new chapter of your life and have nailed it!

The Cons:

  • Gas can be very costly.
  • Can’t bring all the stuff you really DO want and/or need for everyday living
  • Very limited space.
  • No solid doctor/dentist/pediatrician on call for emergencies/life events. Or at least those you already know and trust.
  • Having your “own” RV is also pricey. While renting is not cheap either.
  • The road is a long big jungle.
  • Big problems if the thing breaks down and you have to do the tinkering all by yourself.

Here’s a video of an RVer sharing her pros and cons of living in an RV:

Learn more from Pippi Peterson

Making life choices and changing your preference  on how you want to live your life is a big, big challenge. But it could be the best decision you have ever made and may be what you really want to do. Go and explore that big world ahead of you, get prepared on all the possible problems you will encounter, learn from it and continue creating a sweet life on the road. Hopefully these pros and cons of living in an RV will help you decide.

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