RV Maintenance: House Batteries (We Dropped the Ball)

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RV Maintenance: House Batteries (We Dropped the Ball)
RV Maintenance: House Batteries (We Dropped the Ball) View the Post: https://mountainmodernlife.com/rv-house-batteries/ Do you maintain your RV house …

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  1. Why not use the proper tool for filling batteries – a battery filler. Most auto parts stores have them for $4 to $5, it is the bulb type. Mind works great and it is easy to top off batteries. Also, clean the batteries, a clean battery will last longer.

  2. My step operates off the truck battery. Just replaced the motor for the step, because it would not retract. Seems your step would run on the truck battery, not the coach batteries.

  3. I promise if you get a few 8D AGM batteries you won't forget about them! Then again, there isn't much too do other than charging them. They run over $800 each… I've got 3 and wish I had a few more…


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