RV maintenance update- I have an awning?

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RV maintenance update- I have an awning?
Time for some mechanical maintenance. I discover the condition of the Xplorers awning.

Check out more from this creator at the link below:
Xplorer Steve DIY


  1. I've been watching CycleCruza and he has a couple of items on his Bug Out Van that you might think about adding.
    EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
    1 camera mounted on each side of his van that he can view on his LED tv to see what is happening without having to look out a window.

  2. Yeah; it looks nice, too! JUST BE CAREFUL: you'll be inclined to rest, having extended your awning, and maybe go inside to sleep. If the winds pick up while you're not watching it can yank that thing right off your rig! Just so ya know.

    Who's the pretty girl? She has marvelous hair!

  3. It should be a one-person job. There is no reason to push on the awning to roll it up. If it's difficult to retract, then either your cables need tightened up, or the winding mechanism needs to be lubricated.

  4. I have exactly the same awning. I'm in England and the fitter said yo roll out the awning just a yard then attach the legs loosely, then roll out full , tighten legs then roll back a LITTLE to tighten the canvas slightly. Hope this helps.

  5. Interesting to see how this is supported, mine has 'legs' that come down to the floor rather than to the van. These take the weight so one person can easily wind in/out the awning.

  6. i like the attention to detail , and nice to see the awning was in good condition, do your children ever go out on trips with you ? or i they "independent" lol… but love the van cheers from uk

  7. Nice awning, Steve. Your daughter is gorgeous, too.
    The salesman at Camping World told me the awning on my '96 Trek was no good. I had it for 5 months before I opened it to see how bad it was. Other than dirt & mildew, it's in good shape. I have to try that awning cleaner. Great video as always.

  8. You are funny.  I knew the minute you said you'd rinse it off "next time", that was not going to happen.  You take care of your stuff and HAD to clean it, once you saw it needed "doin'".  … Nice!

  9. Steve, really? This is the first time you rolled out your awning?
    I would have thought with all the work you did on your Explorer, that the awning would have been on top of the list. We always rolled ours out (after each trip) to let it fully dry to prevent mold from growing between the rolls. But maybe that's not as big of a problem in your super-dry climate.
    Great video.

  10. I'm scared to open mine also.. The previous owner gave me some parts he said it needed. But not sure where they go yet.Other projects i'm tackling first thou 🙂


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