RV Maintenance | Waterproofing Your Fifth Wheel

RV Maintenance | Waterproofing Your Fifth Wheel
Click here to watch the funniest video we’ve ever made!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THEFG-INymI We had several items that were in need of repair!

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  1. Call up one of these caulking tool kits on Amazon. Would save you a lot of time, aggravation and would do a better job than your finger.  """5 Pieces Caulking Tool Kit, GUSTYLE 3 in 1 Silicone Sealant Replace & Removal Tool with 4 Pieces of Sealant Tool Kit for All Bathroom Kitchen Room and Frames ""

  2. Yes,it's not the most pleasant job but it sure is nice to know it is helping to keep your rig from delaminating and becoming worthless! great idea with the windex.

  3. Man, I am glad I found your channel a while back. Me and my woman are going to be full time RVing in a couple years. Please upload more videos going over the maintenance these need!

  4. Painters use masking tape the same way but I would do it everywhere you caulk, both sides of the crack so it doesn’t smear all over. It just make a nice neat job. Plastic scrapers will work good at times to remove the old caulk but always good to test it first.

  5. I cannot believe you only have 13K subs. You should have twice that. I have a leak and it is ruining the interior paneling over my slide and I can't find it GRRRR

  6. Soapy water works well in place of the windex on the finger and where you don't want it to stick on the camper (after sealant has been applied of course). Most sealants do not overlap well, especially silicone. Getting the old removed is the biggest pain, but necessary for a good seal! Funny how I see this video as I have been doing the same thing… It's always something! Safe travels!

  7. I use a Wax & Degreaser, mineral spirits is a oil base, and should be clean, it leave a fine oil base, it should be clean before sealant is applied. Very rarely do I use MS.

  8. Excellent tip for our rig maintenance. As you demonstrate staying ahead of these things will for sure save time and money in the future! Thanks for another great video!


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