RV Maintenance While RV Living Full Time

If you are RV living full time, there is going to be maintenance involved. In today’s video, we show a few of the routine maintenance things we deal with as well as..ugh..another future trip to a repair shop.

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  1. Sorry to say now that I seen this one on the trouble you had gone through I now can see why you went for a tag along. Not all the same way on maintenance as you do the a A-Class . Well we all learn the hard way. Its a shame before you got married as some of us grew up fixing up our own cars you learn how to fix cars,trucks, vans that you do learn from your younger age how when and what to look for on things that go wrong with all types of vehicles and yes even motorcycles I enjoyed working on them too in my younger days. Always room to learn things no matter what your age is. A C clamp and a rubber hammer to have fixed that plus bleed the breaks was a start to fix that. We all learn things.

  2. Thanks for your tip on the cleaner/wax. I have been looking for this product for a while now yet did not remember what it was called. I did use your link to purchase…i hope you get at LEAST 1% since you are the reason I purchased it. Thanks for the all the videos…never change your music…very nice.

  3. We've been watching your videos from the beginning as we are planning our journey to become full time and my husband just said "he's speaking my love language" when you said you'd rather pay someone to do some of the work. Ha ha

  4. When you lack confidence or knowledge about anything usually your heart is not into it. I can usually find things through the internet to do most house maintenance. I live in a townhome currently. Now finding the how-to to do something is one thing and my ability to implement that knowledge may be another can of worms. I think you are doing well and you understand things and understand your abilities and limitations. I think as you continue on through your journey you will gain the experience to tackle more things.

  5. Maintenance . . . wooo. When I was on boats, we used a 1 hour per foot estimate of how much work/maintenance was required for a vessel. i.e. a 40' boat required 40 hours of weekly maintenance. That could be little things from mopping floors(decks) all the way to major engine or generator maintenance.

  6. I might have missed it but was wanting to know what that spray wash was called that you were using and where you get it from or is it something you put together ?? love your videos

  7. You're right that repairs are a part of life when full timing. We have lived in our 2005 Airstream for 3 months now and have had a bad couple of weeks. Fridge started tripping the breaker all the time so we've got that running solely on propane for the moment, next our awning hook broke, then we started smelling burning plastic from our water heater so that's now off, and last night we had a raging thunderstorm and our skylight started leaking. Fun fun! We'll be tackling as much of this as we can ourselves but when it comes to electrical stuff we're above our heads and are waiting for the professionals. I love your honesty when it comes to DIY and the balance with paying for someone to help. It makes me feel not so bad about our fumbling πŸ™‚

  8. I'm not sure if someone has said it yet or not, but some wipers you have to lift them off of the windshield all of the way (like when you lift them when you wash your windows while fueling up) and that releases tension on the slotted bolt. pull off, rotate one slot, put back on, put nut on, put wiper back down on windshield and away you go!

  9. I think if you take care of repair and maintenance issues as they arise when they are newer you can get good reliability out of an older motorhome. We just drove our 18 year old Winnebago Class C 6000 miles from Northwest Georgia to Alaska this month. Did a lot of preventative maintenance before leaving. On the trip, had to adj. the refrigerator door plus the propane tank fill valve needed an O-ring. Also an oil change half way and that was it.

  10. You guys should check out Cinderella Park sometime. It's usually not crowded, has a pavilion, a playground, basketball court, and some shade, too. Geri Kay and I go there a lot with the Burris kids.

  11. One recommendation; get a replacement temperature sensor and learn how to install it yourself. This part left you stranded once and you correctly diagnosed the problem while sitting on the side of the road. If you had a spare sensor you could replace the sensor yourself, you would have been broken down for less than an hour instead of a couple of days. Obviously, this part fails regularly and it only makes sense to carry a spare. At least, that's what I would do, even if I couldn't replace it myself I'd at least have the part available so I could pay a mechanic to install it the next time it fails. Good Luck and Happy Travels…

  12. Hello, that wiper should just pull straight off. It's on a slpined shaft, then you can turn it just a little to the right and it should work. I am a mine mechanic here at home, but there are still things that I hate to dig into, cause guess what "Murphys law". Lol

  13. do you have an rv cover of sourts, i'm thimkimgf of getting a concrete small build that we can park in when weather if cold and have a space to have jour stove and couch and table water lighg,toilet..ffffffffffffffffff

  14. we have a 2004 intasca sunova . we are desperate to find motor specs. we are ex-hallmark cards employees and feel confident in our abilities to do some minor repairs …lss,,do you know where we could get a book for that…Rose and Larry

  15. Yelp, you nailed it! Your house is constantly bouncing down the road, so repairs and maintenance are and will be a big and constant part of living that lifestyle.

  16. Heeeeey he does kinda look like Ryan Reynolds! (I remember someone saying that in a previous video) I see it!! HAHA Hope you get your Home on the Road soon! πŸ™‚

  17. We use to call that stuff "Dry Wash" I sold a lot of it… It was a awesome product I loved it… The product was great but the business end of it sucked (bare in mind this was 20 some yrs. ago) It was a multi-level business,

  18. to fix anything you can go on Youtube and type what you want to do and watch a video. Changing wipers is so simple…there is a lil tab that you pull and slide it right off…that simple.


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