RV Motor-Home Pre-Trip Inspection…Generator …Engine…Tires…Full Time RVing…RVerTV

RV Motor-Home Pre-Trip Inspection…Generator …Engine…Tires…Full Time RVing…RVerTV
Full Time RV Living / RV Travel Videos/RVerTV I completed a pre trip inspection and preventative maintenance of my 2000 Newmar Mountain-Aire Motor …

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  • Have a good trip bud. By the way, spent a few days in Chico this week. Half the RV park we stayed in was full of Newmars. Apparently we hit the same days as there California get together. Huge rigs and millions of dollars parked out there. Our little travel trailer (surveyor 25 ft) looks sooooo puny compared to those Newmars. Think the name of our trailer is going from Sam to Twerp.

  • Your basements look a lot more roomy than ours! On our coach, you open a nice big door and there is always something in the way. I don't think one of those large totes like you have would fit in one of our bays. Hubby has stuff stuck everywhere!!! I keep telling him we need to get everything out, store it in the workshop until we are ready to go on a trip. Then we have only what we need and will know where it is!!! He has bought things at different time, not knowing if we had it and it's stored all in different places. LOL For an army guy, he sure isn't too organized! LOL

  • Hey I like your new intro music. I guess it's good to change it up once in a while. All the goodies were received. Thanks. Now I can keep my Michelob nice and cold. Love to Scoobs.

  • oh , check out my youtube channel ! gary green ! i think, i don't know what i'm doing ! winging it ! ha , maybe you could show me the ins an out ! at the big Q next year ? and i want to do some mods ! like solar to my roadtrek . all the best in your travels south !