RV Nomad Life | Our Favorite Snowbird Destination in Arizona

RV Nomad Life | Our Favorite Snowbird Destination in Arizona
We spent a week exploring Camp Verde, Arizona, and it is unlike any other part of the southwest we have ever been to! From ancient culture’s structures, …

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  • Nicely done. I was born in Phoenix and the Verde River was the first place I camped as a child. I also visited Montezuma's Castle when you could still climb up into the ruin. It's a very interesting and scenic area. We plan to head into that area next November so I've bookmarked the RV park. Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing! We are adding this area to our must see list. The campground looks lovely, we notice the website mentions it's an adult park. Does that mean children aren't welcome?

  • Great video and answers lots of our questions we have about Rving in SW USA. Saw your bikes in previous videos and wondered how you secure them on top of your truck. Thanks from snowy Canada!

  • Thank you for the great tour. As always, I always learn about different areas to scout out. It is almost like having a tour guide! Have a great day.

  • I just came across your videos.  We love the Sedona area and have gone twice, once in February and again in November.  We stayed at a timeshare and that was lovely but just bought our first RV, a 31' Winnebago Vista and plan on going back to spend part of the winter soon.  Watching your video was like reliving our past trips.  Camp Zane Grey at Verde looks perfect.  Thanks for all the info.  Great audio and video quality.  I subscribed.

  • Hebard's Travels – In August 2009 we did a driving trip by car using as much of Route 66 that we could find from Chicago to California and back and diverted south to Lake Havasu where we spent 2 weeks with a friend I used to work with that retired there. That's when we began thinking of buying an RV.We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the state and the covered patio on the back of her house which was pretty high up in the mountain side subdivision looked west over the town, the Colorado, the lake and the California Mountains. Watching the mountians change colors from sunrise to sunset was amazing!! So was the temp. Our first night we were on the covered patio at 10pm moving photos from the camera to the laptop, there was a nice breeze, the local wine was delicious and she stuck her head out to suggest we come inside because it was 110 degrees. I protested with 'but there's a breeze' to which she replied 'there's a breeze in my oven too'. At sunrise one morning we actually saw Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner on the street in front of the house!! She'd died 2 years ago, she was a hoot and she is missed.

    When I first found your YT Channel you were showing small appliances you used in your kitchen and I mentioned we had just ordered the new RV and were researching things we will need for the galley. This video from Arizona reminded us how much we'd like to return to the state and the Lake Havasu area. Camp Verde looks to be gorgeous and has made our list of places to visit. Google Maps has it as 26 hours from our home in Granger IN [100 miles east of Chicago and less than a mile south of Michigan] but we'll have our own hotel room [king rooms in a decent hotel can be outrageously expensive] and restaurant with us!

    THANK YOU for the tip!!

  • 'We just spent two days at Camp Verde at the Distant Drum Rv park. Free shuttle to the casino. Nice place and nice area. It was a bit cool at night, but all in all it was nice. We have visited Sedona in the past. This time we drove to Winslow Arizona to stand on the corner, as well as a stop at the Meteor Crater then back. Thanks for the video. We are currently on a 10000 km tour from Ontario. We are currently in South Texas heading east. Four more weeks to go, then back to Ontario. Canada is beautiful, and moderate temperatures in the summer. Come on up. Cheers

  • We lived in Cottonwood and Cornville for 11 years but I never saw any vineyards while I was there. We then moved to Logan Utah in 1986 and have been there since. Loved it while we were there.

  • We've been there. It's a very nice park. We presently live in Apache Junction. We intend to jump in the truck camper and head north, probably to camp verde again to escape the heat when it gets too bad down south.

  • the mogollon rim is not to far from camp verde as well as the pine tree forest near strawberry just up the mountains from there…. very beautiful lots of wildlife. lived near there a long time ago.

  • Again you managed to relax me while watching the scenery, water, loveable fur babies, and allowing me to view Arizona again. I used to drive a big rig and loved to take my 10 he break there. I truly miss that lifestyle and have been RV shopping for a while now. Thank you for sharing.

  • I moved to AZ from Michigan in 2006. Was and still working. Plan to retire in 5 years, sell my house in Sun City West, by an RV and do it full time.

    Most of the videos I see is everyone RVing in Arizona. Why is that. I just find it strange that AZ is where many come to BoonDock

  • Just talked to Nan to inform her that the reason that we had picked Zane Grey is because of your video. She informed us that you guys are very special to them and filled us in. Job well done!